"If this ain't gonna keep yer guts in, then nothing will."
―Local Hillbilly


A slightly beefier version of the regular Bulldozer armor, this version of the Bulldozer armor sacrifices protection against radiation for more padding to ensure more durability against zombies.

It still retains the features of the previous design, such as being able to store a lot of ammo. Sprinting at zombies while wearing this armor will still knock them over due to the sheer weight of the impact.

Background Story

The Bulldozer II armor is a variant of the original Bulldozer armor. It was created as a result of seasoned survivors finding that the regular suit wasn't "bulky enough".

With this in mind, the military took the original design and modified it to have even tougher/additional padding, at the price of materials inside the suit which kept out a good portion of radiation.

As a result of the tougher padding, the suit was even more expensive than the original, so production was kept to a minimum. Any survivor walking around in this armor is not to be trifled with.


  • Whatever was applied to the Bulldozer l armor will apply here.
    • Wearing this armor can allow you to survive a direct throw from a Brute's and Charged Brute's club.
  • The Rush ability does knock down zombies, but it doesn't do any damage to them.
    • You are still able to take damage from zombies, so don't assume you're automatically invincible while running around.
      • Of course, holding Caps Lock to block will allow you to both knock down zombies and not take damage from normal zombie attacks.
  • This offers less radiation protection than the Bulldozer I although it still offers a decent amount of protection.


  • High Health
  • Low Radiation Resistance
  • Included Ammo
  • Rush


  • Expensive
  • High Ranked



  • Health changed from +250 to +130 in v0.6.1.
  • Mags changed from +3 to +2 in v0.6.1.
  • Radiation changed from 75% to 25% in v0.6.1.

  • This used to be the highest rank-locked armor until the Faraday Vest came.
  • Named "Bull II"in-game.
  • You can survive an overcooked Grenade with this, as long as you have full HP.
  • The Bulldozer II supplies the second biggest health bonus out of all the armors just behind X-Mas Cape.
  • There are 8 ammo compartments visible on this armor, which may strike you as odd as the armor only gives you 2 extra mags.
    • This is mainly just a visual quirk and would not be balanced in any way if it really did give you 8 extra mags.
  • As of now, the Bulldozer II is the most expensive armor in the game.


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