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"I use this armor to protect my eye from pokers, brute clubs, and fire!! Wait, it doesn't protect my eye but it protects my body? Drat..."


A set of military-grade armor that protects the wearer against most oncoming damage, and decreases the rate at which radiation affects the body. This is designed to hold a lot of extra ammo, and sprinting at zombies while wearing this armor will knock them over due to the sheer weight of the impact.

Background Story

Not long after survivors were given access to military bomber drones, the Military decided to further assist survivors by supplying them with suits of heavily padded armor, made from now obsolete bomb disposal suits.

However, survivors had to first pass series of conditioning tests in order to assure they could handle the weight of the armor. Not many of these suits were given out as a result of the rigorous training required in order to get accustomed to its bulkiness, and the cost of the material it takes to make each suit.


  • Wearing this armor can allow you to survive a direct throw from a Brute's club if you are in the R2DA Community.
  • If you join the R2DA Community group, you will be able to survive the impact of a Grenade, but be left with little health.
  • The Rush ability does knock down zombies, but it does a very minimal 2 damage.
    • You are still able to take damage from zombies, so don't assume you're automatically invincible while running around.
    • Try holding Caps Lock while using the Rush ability, this allows you to safely run through hoards while stunning them.
    • Running around can be more efficient at stunning zombies than punching, but running out of energy while doing so may be your last mistake.
      • As a result of this, using stamina boosting items such as the Candy Cane is a valid option.
  • This armor offers more radiation protection than the Bulldozer II.
    • Other than +30 HP and less radiation protection, the Bulldozer I is the same as the Bulldozer II, so you can save 30$ using this armor if you are really stingy about money.


  • High Health
  • Radiation Resistance
  • Rush
  • Included Ammo


  • Expensive
  • High Ranked



  • v0.6.1
    • Health changed from +150 to +100.
  • v1.3.3
    • Rank changed from 12 to 15.
  • v1.4.0
    • Rank changed from 15 to 21.
  • v1.4.6
    • Radiation changed from -50% to -150%

  • Named "Bull I"in-game.
  • There is a gun holster holding a pistol which is unsurprisingly unusable on the chest plate.
  • The appearance of the Bulldozer I is modeled after a bomb disposal suit, however these suits can weight more than 80 pounds (36.2 kilograms), are very bulky, and can cause stress from heat when used for prolonged amounts of time.
    • In the game, this is clearly ignored as you can run at the same pace and amount of time as an unarmored individual.
    • The Bulldozer I design may actually be based on the armor worn by "Belltower heavy troopers" from Deus Ex Human Revolution, as bomb disposal suits aren't attributed by spikes on their chest plates.
      • Furthermore, the name Bulldozer may be a reference to the logo of Belltower Associates, which is a bull.