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Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"Bull King? More like Bull Sh-"


About a month after the planned release date, we get the Bull King, an armored guardian armed with his electrified spear.

Background Story

In Lord Pumpkin Jr.'s travels, he came across many foes, including, but not limited to, the survivors. His attempts at establishing dominance over areas he deemed suitable often brought him into conflict with other powerful beings, and that included the roaming guardian, the Bull King. Periodically, the Bull King would spend years roaming around southern mountainous regions in search of foes to fight, and would leave his home, an ancient volcano, unguarded. It was through sheer luck that Lord Pumpkin Jr. came across this volcano while the Bull King wasn't there.

The ancient volcano imbued its inhabitants with immense power, and only through leaving it could the Bull King weaken himself in order a worthy opponent to fight. Upon his return, the pumpkin had taken some of its power for himself, and this deeply angered its usual guardian. Their battle shook the skies and tore the volcano apart, but after many days, Lord Pumpkin Jr. was put on the retreat. The Bull King had regained control of his home. He sat down and gave up on his need for battle, if it was only for a short time.

After a year or two, he heard the knocking of intruders on his doorstep.

But if the pumpkin was no match for the survivors, what could the Bull King do?



  • Some attacks can be countered with armours:
    • The Magma Strike and Chaos Rain can be countered by wearing the Flakvest.
    • The Firevest and Pumpkin Vest prevents the after-burn effect (This can also prevents Eggpans from burning you).
    • The Faraday Vest can prevents stuns from Cursed Shock and Hell Heal.
      • However, it isn't recommended because Bull King has more fire and explosive attacks that are far more devastating than its electric attacks.
  • Keep your distance far away from Bull King as his attacks are primarily used near players.
    • Hell Heal and Impaled Spear can quickly kill you if you get too close.
  • The M249, P90, SCAR-H, Chinalake and Barrett 50 Cal. are useful for taking out Eggpans quickly and doing reliable damage to the boss.
    • Minigun is great when the boss is in its rage state. However it isn't recommended because of accuracy, movement speed and limited ammo. Bring the Mini Uzis or the Peacemakers to continue damaging the boss when you run out of ammo.
  • When Eggpans are summoned, it's best to take them out as fast as possible, or they will overwhelm you.
  • Be prepared to dash to the preset chest locations when the boss is low on health.
    • Be careful, as some platforms might still be gone when the Bull King is defeated.
      • Chaos Rain might still be in effect when the rewards spawn.
  • Stay away from the Bull King when he dies, he'll try to take you down with him using his Last Stand.


  • The Bull King is actually an Rthro costume and can be found here.
  • This is the 1st Halloween Boss to not be a pumpkin.
  • This is the first humanoid boss to use R15 as opposed to R6.
  • The boss has a rare chance of a glitch that affects players, making them unable to get up and move. They can still attack however.
  • If you see closely you can see that there's smoke coming out of Bull King's nose during Rage Mode.
  • This is the 4th boss to have preset chest locations. (Frosty Jr., Frost Golumn, Ducky)
  • During the early concepts, Bull King was originally planned to be a champion variation. But was scrapped most likely due to lack of time.

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