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"FATAL5 With a built in scope, apply for a moderator and get it *right now! (*Shipping time not included)"


The Built-In Scope is a non-detachable optic attachment only for the FATAL5. It is included with the FATAL5 itself, and the whole gun itself is only given to R2DA Moderators.

Background Story

A futuristic and high damage weapon has to come with a Built-In Scope, right? It's common sense.

Although this scope isn't as beneficial as others, it's still useful for the few that have the ability to use it.


  • Unlike other snipers, the FATAL5 has very little recoil. Use this to you advantage when using this scope.


  • This is a rough equivalent to the XS1 Scope for the Railgun.
  • This Attachment was the first non-detachable attachment in R2DA.
  • This doesn't add any buffs unlike the other scopes do, but at least it still allows the user to scope.
  • Before v0.8.1, the scope was a lighter shade of white and had no textures.
    • The original sightmarks were also a stark black compared to the light blue that you see today.