"Camping is great, but it's even better when you have the ability to construct complex objects out of thin air!"

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These buildings are all constructed by the Hammer, each with their own pricing, size and uses. In addition, all of these buildings can be destroyed through various methods.

Some can be used for tactical advantages, while others are just for comical purposes. They are best used in different ways, so experiment with how you use these objects.

Just please don't use them to block escape routes.



Price: Free
These planks are the easiest to destroy, however, they are the only building to be completely free. There is a downside however, the Hammer has only ten planks to build with, and after that, you cannot build planks anymore. Not to be confused with Mogadishu's planks.


Price: 50$
A large chain-link fence, perfect for cutting off large areas. Also useful for providing cover, with a decent amount of HP it can take before it goes down.


Price: 30$
This is the smallest chain-link fence you can build and is great for precision placement and blocking off enclosed doorways. Also useful for providing cover.


Price: 35$
A chain-link fence that's basically the same size as the Single Fence, however with a door that survivors can open and go through. This is useful if you want to block off an area and only let survivors in, but that door can only hold for so long. Also useful for providing cover.


Price: 10$
These are great for blocking small holes, providing cover, and screwing over your friends.
When damaged enough, a Sandbag wall falls apart and will not be able to hold up to your enemies. On some levels, it still has some use, unlike the Fences which just disappear completely after being destroyed.


Price: 150$
Being the most expensive of the buildings, the Tower can be used to give you a tactical advantage with a vantage point. Be careful of being hit by a Brute club, though.


Price: 50$
These can only be built next to a dead player. After placing one down, the downed player can no longer choose the option to Zombify. You only get one of these.

FenceCSG (2)

Price: 25$
Quite a useless structure, a Fence was basically a simple wooden fence that could easily be jumped over by zombies.

FenceCSG (1)

Price: 100$
The only structure to hurt zombies and survivors alike. You could jump over these fences too, but it would cost you 5 HP to do so. This was wooden like the Fence.


Price: 50$
Totally useless as it added a wooden seat with no real protection. The only real use came around when the building it was on was destroyed, keeping the seat levitating in the air. A prominent example of this being used was during the King Crab Boss.


  • The Digger will do twice the damage compared to a Normal Zombie to any structure you put down.
  • Use the Wide Fences for extra protection, but you will need some cash to cover the expenses.
  • Blocking entrances with the Fences and Sandbags may seem like a good idea on paper, but when the going gets tough, you can't really be going anywhere. Vice versa for the people that you've left outside.
  • While Fences offer real protection, an Edgar can just jump over it, and an Elemental or Brute may take it down surprisingly fast.
  • You cannot build near a zombie spawn unless a Disruptor is placed on it.
  • Each player can only build up to 20 buildings, shown by a small counter beside the Hammer GUI. Planks don't count, fortunately.



  • v0.5.2
    • Can only pick up one plank at a time.
  • v0.5.5
    • Barbed Wire Fence and Scout added.
  • v0.6.6
    • Building on water removed.
  • v0.8.2
    • Fence, Half Fence, Fence Door and Sandbags added.
    • Barbed Wire Fence and Scout removed.
  • v0.8.4
    • No longer able build next to zombie spawns.
  • v0.8.4
    • Towers added.
  • v1.0.2
    • Tombstones added.
  • v1.2.1
    • Plank limit increased from 7 to 10.


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