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Game Breaking Bugs

Add bugs on this list that can cause the game or a part of the game to break completely for a player, which renders it unplayable. Bolded bugs are common.


  • Spawning the instance once a round ends, as a zombie, then spawning the next round, causes the user's camera to become glitched in a fixed position. They cannot zoom in or out, also they cannot see themselves if they go past the view of the camera.
  • Jumping into the Chronos Dimension at the last second breaks your camera to make it so you are forced to see one thing forever until you rejoin.


  • A bug where just as the game starts and shows the loading screen, as a zombie you can type in "Spectate" and click menu immediately. This causes you to be sent to the menu with the background being the loading screen. Then once you click "Ready" again to join the game, all you see is the loading screen, so you cannot see anything and basically be blind. Can be fixed by rejoining.


  • Sometimes Intermission never ends, the timer disappearing and players being unable to play a new round. Maps will also sometimes load infinitely and everyone will get stuck in the loading screen. This can be caused by a huge lagspike.


  • During boss fights, most notably Chronos XI, the game will lag and eventually crash, disconnecting everyone.
    • This occurs from too much pressure on the server, due to the instances being created that clogs up server memory


  • Rarely, upon entering the shop, you will see 10x Barrets on the screen. The only way to fix this is to exit the shop and re-enter. If this does not work, then you must rejoin the server.
    • Auto Ready will work and remove the screen. However, the shop will remain broken.

v.1.2.5 (?)

  • The zombie - survivor team selector isn't impartial. Some players are only survivor every other round, others are survivor almost every round, et cetera. 

Round Breaking Bugs

Add bugs on this list which can cause the game to break completely for a player, which renders it unplayable, but only for that round. Bolded bugs are common.


  • A bug where if one of the zombies are still loading on Arena you can't win and have to wait until time runs out.


  • Sometimes, Chronos is stuck in permanent healing position, meaning you cannot kill him.


  • There's a chance when you equip torch, then unequip it quickly, your weapons will not harm anyone.


  • M.S Antares has a chance to spawn a duplicate boat on top of the initial one created by a round's beginning, but in the starting position of the boat. This means that if the boat has tilted, player's positions will likely be glitched below, above, or inside a part of the boat.

Abusable Bugs

Add bugs on this list which can be used and abused for advantage, some form of cheating. Bolded bugs are common.


  • Certain ways can be abused to get the game to give you the chance of being a special infected even though you did not die.


  • As a survivor in CTB if you die and the flag reaches 100% you will still get fame from it.


  • Elementals under 100 HP can press E and F at the same time to explode and transform, dealing a total of 80 damage.


  • There is a glitch where you can move in Idle using arrow keys without deactivating Idle mode.
  • Spectating and then rejoining the game in Team Deathmatch can sometimes allow you to switch teams.


  • When you get killed by a survivor/zombie while you are stunned (still not standing up or trying to stand up), there is rare chance that your ragdoll will be able to equip all their weapons and/or will be able to move around. Also occurs when an Edgars incapacitates a survivor.


  • Going up to a wall, and then throwing Rambo allows you to hit someone behind the wall.
  • Joining a server in the middle of a round, or entering a round just as it begins while you are still loading, can cause terrain that moves to be stuck in a certain position. This is only on your screen but may persist after the round has ended meaning you can accidentally fall into a hole in Chronos.
  • There are ways to get infinite stamina while climbing with Karambit. Unequipping or climbing higher will end the glitch.


  • Certain actions can cause a player to be permanently captured by an Edgar tongue even when the Edgar is gone.


  • While crouching, click and hold the hammer where it shows where you can build planks. If you don't let go and then move, your walkspeed is set to normal even when you are still crouching.


  • As a Ticker, doing certain things in Foxriver Prison, you can gain extra speed on the ice. Going on any other piece of land resets the glitch, which means you can basically get around the map quicker to some camping survivors.
  • Using the Medkit at the exact moment you die will get you revived.
    • There is a chance of being permanently ragdolled.
  • Speed glitches occur where you can have a normal walkspeed with weapons that normally slow you down.


  • Using the Snowball while crouching causes the character to move at normal speed.


  • Using a mount can make you move around when getting healed by another player or opening a chest.
  • When a Stalker grabs a survivor and drops you to the void you teleport back to the spawn, but in rare cases, the Stalker drops you to a water zone where it kills you by contact. You will be teleported back to spawn but you will die.
    • You can still drop survivors on ground that instantly kills them and have them killed.
  • Stalker can turn invisible while moving with certain bugs. Only way to fix this is to reset or die.
  • Using a certain method, you can throw two Rambo knives in quick succession, one after the other. 


  • Zombifying on Caved In Wincam at the right moment will make you win, even through you're a zombie.
  • If the boat sinks totally on M.S Antares, using a certain methods with the dead bodies can keep you alive.
  • You can do the Pipe objective, outside Campaign, gaining fame from it in M.S Antares.


  • Stalkers have the ability to relocate while holding a survivor.


  • Zombies spawn high above the map and fall down, which can be used to surprise survivors or hit them with certain ranged attacks.
  • You can clone a defib by defibbing a player and dying at the same time, so another player can defib you.


  • When a survivor dies while having the tactical 2 vest equipped, it's bonus stamina transfers to the zombie (including special ones) of said survivor.
  • While holding Naquadah, you can press a certain key to ignore the speed loss and melee restriction.


  • Stalkers can walk on ground that normally kills users upon contact by blocking.


  • You can sometimes have glitched HP over what you would normally have.
  • You can sometimes walk with a shield as a brute.
  • You can sometimes move while having captured someone with an Edgar's tongue.

Minor Game Impacting Bugs

Add bugs to this list that can negatively impact the player experience but do not break the game or round completely. Bolded bugs are common.


  • Using airstrike right as the round ends can cause the black bars on top & bottom of the screen to stay.
  • Ranking up or healing with a Healthkit right or after you die will regenerate your health to max. However you are stuck in ragdoll mode.
  • Clicking Ready during the victory phase will not spawn you next round even though it is green, can be resolved by clicking ready again when intermission timer starts.


  • Entering any rescue vehicle while incapacitated (i.e. Stalker grab, tripped, Edgar tongue) can result in the survivor not being locked into the area where survivors are teleported when entering the rescue vehicle. Stalkers and leapers will move with the survivors to the location.
    • The survivor will eventually die if they do not win the round quick enough.


  • Electrical Elementals can't uncap flags on CTB.


  • On Last Harvest, the zombie limit is not affected by the mode Rapid Infection, so you're stuck with many zombies with 3000 hp.


  • Rapidly pushing the buttons for the elevator in Caved In and switching back in forth between up and down before the elevator has reached an end, will cause it to break and either go up or down and be stuck forever. Oftentimes players will be unable to stand on the elevator and instead be inside it when they step on the platform.
  • Shooting with any gun and switching to another gun causes the first gun's ammo to be shown.
    • Also works with reloading with ammo stations.


  • If you sprint and then press 'C' to crouch, you will sprint while crouching and lose stamina. You don't gain any speed, however.


  • When you aim down sights and unequip while you are aiming, your cursor disappears.


  • An infinite shock glitch that results in an Elemental to be stuck attacking one player occurs at random. No stamina will be consumed, and the Elemental will be free to move around. However, it cannot use any attacks.
    • Can be fixed by killing the Elemental.


  • If you reset very quickly during the win screen of RI you can lose all of your health and die, but you will still be able to walk around and you will not appear to be dead to other players until you zombify.
  • Sometimes, you can move even if you have been hit by an Ice Staff.


  • Equipping any while sprinting will you allow to run while you're the mount. This causes the speed to be the same as if you had not equipped Mount.
    • Unequipping the mount while this is happening results in the run animation to play until stamina is regained to full.
  • When you use any weapon that relies on a large projectile (e.g. M202 and RPG), it doesn't explode and ends up wasting your ammo. However this is very rare to occur and usually happens in major lag or low ping.
    • Often, with the RPG the rocket will fall to the ground rather than going forward and can result in the player's death.


  • Sometimes joining a server will show no health on players' healthbars, mainly Team Deathmatch.
    • Occasionally team tags will not show up and you will not be able to see your teammates in the distance.


  • Sometimes respawning after being dropped by Stalker on Caved In will lead you to getting killed.
  • Rarely, if a Stalker drops you in certain spots of a map, it will let you go out of boundaries.


  • If you die from an explosion when at the same time you are defibbing someone the GUI will show that you died to the defib. This will not go away.
    • Occurs with many healing items, such as the acorn.


  • Aiming down sights when moving while crouching will cause the camera to angle downwards about 15 degrees.


  • Pressing X (flashlight) while holding on a wall with Karambit will cause you to fall down while still having the wall hold animation.


  • Using the jetpack in the swimmable water and then flying out of the water will make you lose oxygen until you stand on land.
  • Sometimes, you can spawn while being tripped over or on your side.
    • This can lead dying when spawning deadly waters, like Caved in.


  • If a major lag spike occurs and a brute club is thrown, the club will drop to the ground because it has been in the air too long, according to the game. Other times it just travels plain slow.


  • After using Healthkit, your arms will be stuck in a position and you cannot use ADS of your gun.


  • In 1930s Kingstreet, you can be in the truck and be alive but not win, and you can be dead and in the truck and win without rewards except EXP.


  • Halloween skins on zombies have parts that don't turn invisible when using first person mode.


  • Occasionally multiple users will be teleported to a single Tutorial server.
    • Happens if you press reconnect after being disconnected by ROBLOX.
  • If the time runs out immediately after defeating a boss, tickets and chests will spawn in the following map.
  • Some maps will have the round count 1 higher than normal (i.e. 1/3 instead of 1/2).
  • Shells can sometimes turn invincible, yet can attack players.
    • This can be shown when they do not die after the Golumn has been killed.


  • Sometimes, mag-giving armor won't give magazines.
  • Sometimes, Supply Boxes cannot be opened.


  • Sometimes, all the party colours will be taken even though all of them aren't in use.
  • If you click after re-equpping a grenade, you will suicide.
  • Sometimes, the Blackfield Antenna end placement spawns in the wrong, on the ground, instead of the building.
  • Pressing backspace breaks some items and they can be used after one click.
  • Entities can become invisible for no known reason.
  • Sometimes, opening the pink gift will not grant the rocket sleigh.
    • This occurs with most weapons, buying the weapon will sometimes result in you not being allowed to equip the weapon after you unequip it.
  • Sometimes, the stamina bar doesn't show up.
  • Sometimes, the leaper can get glitched and end up not jumping at the same speed crawling.
    • Can be fixed by resetting.
  • If you equip a item that can be dropped (or drops when you die) before talking, you will drop that item.

Minor Bugs

Add bugs on this list which are simple bugs that are just a small inconvenience for the players. Bolded bugs are common.


  • When the in-game music plays and you go back to menu, the in-game music and the menu music will play together.


  • You can levitate yourself in mid-air by equipping certain melees or Minigun while using emotes sit and insane.


  • Randomly, the ammo boxes in the Chronos Boss level will act like normal ammo boxes and have 4 refills. They will show the ammo left in the box as well.
  • Revving up with the Minigun and then switching off of the Mini and letting the charge sound finish causes the barrel to infinitely spin.
  • Ending a game while in Cinematic Mode while in spectate, causes you to go into Cinematic Mode the next time you spectate, even if you do not hit "C".
  • Going into first person while digging, and then going back to third person, makes the digger's head poke out of the ground, with its face missing.
  • Wraiths have various glitches upon players who Zombify. This includes being able to kill them.


  • When capturing someone with an Edgar's tongue, if you are on top of them and a digger trips them, you have a chance of dragging the survivor's body upwards, pushing you along with it.
  • Running and then equipping a weapon will make it that the way you hold your weapon is how you run.


  • When you're shooting your gun and press to see the Leaderboard, it will make your gun auto fire without you pressing on the mouse.


  • Using the emote "Lalaland" while crouching, and then standing back up will stop the emote animation. However, crouching again will continue the animation.
  • Two Edgars can grab the same player. However, the second one will not have a tongue or be able to pull the player. The animation will still play and the second one will not be able to move.


  • Rarely Golumns can spawn on maps other than Chronos Quest.


  • There is a chance that you can get flung around by rations and pipes.
  • Occasionally, using rebirth on a survivor that's been caught by an Edgar will launch the Edgar into the sky.


  • Rarely, the timer at the push puzzle, in KCC Quest, will tell you to grab a key even through someone is doing the puzzle. This means somebody will die at random.
  • Sometimes, when being hit and stunned by Toysword then frozen, it will make you unkillable by Rambos.


  • Going into first person while riding the Flower to the Push-Puzzle in King Cherrycake's Quest will cause the screen to shake a lot.
  • Using Vitamins and then unequipping them causes the animation to still play.
    • Certain items/weapons can be equipped and be use during this animation.


  • You cannot see your own join messages.


  • While in the Store menu, if you click an item button multiple times, items will switch places.
  • When you get revived by Defibs and you get pinned by a leaper, instead of a red aura appearing around you there is the green aura.


  • Sometimes, bits of Chronos Quest can spawn in Chronos XI.


  • Tires can spawn on Kingstreet even if it not campaign mode.
  • Some Tickets cannot be collected and will remain until the map resets.
    • This is a visual glitch to slower computers.


  • The muzzle of the Scar-H will continue to flash after shooting.


  • Some maps will have rain in them even if they weren't made to have it.


  • If you use the sleigh, in a place with no snow or ice, and sprint at the time of equipping it, the sleigh will go super fast.
  • The skincrate option doesn't show up if you don't own one.
  • Sometimes, the store GUI will extend beyond the screen.


  • Using the Leadpipe on AI Zombies will cause some to spawn with the concussion effect. If they do, they have the effect forever, but can still target you normally.


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