"A big green guy with an explosive club, sniper-worthy aim, and a large shield that can block out all damage. Yeah, welcome to the apocalypse."

Walther's Notes - Restored

This note was found heavily crumpled with missing pieces inside a container. It has since been partially rewritten through conjecture.

At first I thought it was just a bodybuilder who fell victim to the virus. Our group were to leave the forsaken place, and we mocked the thing, relieved that not even that robust man could get us. We thought we were safe, but the tables completely turned when all of us got stunned in a fraction of a second. This one's creative, it carries a massive club with great strength - strength far more than calculated. What comes into question is whether or not he was formerly healthy, or mutated into a goliath. It's terrifying to consider that it might actually be smart enough to maul us with strategy, undoubtedly at the point of even calculating the distance when he uses his very weapon as a projectile.


The Brute is a slow but extremely durable zombie which has the ability to devastate survivors at close range, and disrupt, heavily injure, or kill survivors from afar. A smash attack from it can destroy survivors, or cripple the ones still alive. A thrown club from it can instantly kill anyone it hits if they weren't prepared. It can summon a forcefield that blocks out all damage.

Luckily, it can only throw its club so often, and its forcefield move can easily be its downfall. Using it renders the Brute immobile and unable to execute any other actions. Only one can be alive at a time, except in Survival Unlimited and some VIP Servers.

Upon being charged, the Brute receives 5,000 health, and its attacks grow even deadlier.

Background Story

Although the Brute is rare, survivors who run into it face imminent death as they either run or stand and fight a gargantuan threat. With its crude club, ripped out of the ground, and its hardened, shielded body, this beast is the biggest threat in the apocalypse. Blink, and its club will shatter your bones before you could ever react.

With its extreme power and sickly neon green colour due to mutation, the Brute is something no survivor wants to face. Many survivors fear its existence, knowing one may be the last thing they see.


PC Gamepad Tablet Description
LMB Hold
RTrigger XboxButton
Smash: The Brute smashes its club into the ground, flinging and harming survivors.
Consumes no energy.
X XboxButton
Throw: The Brute throws the club, dealing 200 damage to any survivor that is directly hit, and dealing mid to high damage to anyone caught in the explosion. The explosion flings nearby survivors as well.
Consumes 30 energy.
B XboxButton
Block: The Brute emits a forcefield, which prevents damage from being taken while it is in effect. Movement is completely halted. 1 second cooldown between each block.
Consumes 20 energy per second.



  • Don't be blinded by the 100$ kill reward, you will probably be interrupted by other infected multiple times if you wish to kill this.
  • If you encounter one, it is advised to run away while moving in unpredictable directions.
    • As the Brute has the ability to throw its club, running in one direction can easily get you directly hit by a thrown club.
  • There is no "good" weapon to fight against Brutes with, as it depends on your preference and playstyle.
    • Whatever the case is, some weapons are outright better than others at killing one.
      • The Minigun or the M249 can easily rip through a Brute.
      • A long-range weapon like the Barrett 50 Cal. or the RPG can easily take it down from afar.
  • Though it is not recommended, you can use an Airstrike as the Airstrike's missile blasts can instantly kill one.
  • Use the Ice StaffIce Gun or Frost Knuckles instead of tripping the Brute. It is recommended because it can disable the Brute's abilities.
    • This excludes shielding and using relocate.
  • Kill any Elementals going towards the Brute so you can prevent the round from being tougher than it should be.
  • A Brute swimming in the water can be your downfall.
    • Be prepared to throw a lot of explosive-type weapons at it, to even attempt to kill it.
  • It's recommended to bring high health Armors, such as the Bulldozer I, before fighting a Brute as doing so could save your life if you are hit by a club.
  • Teamwork is a mandatory strategy to take down a brute, especially a Charged Brute.


  • Prioritize certain survivors. Some weapons are more of a threat to you than others, like a Minigun or an M249.
    • If you're in a trouble, relocate from the In-Game Store. You can't relocate if you are under attack.
  • You can use all 3 attacks at once. Just hold LMB, E, and Q in order to do so.
  • All of your attacks stop you completely and immediately. Even in the air.
    • However, while throws will stop you, they will not stop you from falling.
    • Use this to your advantage if a Pipebomb has been thrown.
      • Be careful to not tire yourself out. It will leave you worse than you started off.
  • Your smash explosion does not reach behind you.
    • Survivors can dodge the smash if they jump behind you, but you can just turn around to counter this.
    • Most maps allow the explosion to go through walls.
  • Mastering the club throw will make you a force to be reckoned with.
    • Try to predict where a survivor is running off to, so you can compensate and throw for an easy kill.
    • The throw is affected by gravity, so adjust accordingly. If it goes too far, it will have an extreme drop-off.
    • A throw is not perfectly aligned with your cursor. You may need to aim a smidge down at closer ranges.
    • The club spins on a horizontal axis while flying through the air. If it hits anything, it will stop. Work around the environment.
    • If you stand close enough to a wall, you can throw a club through it without the wall interfering.
      • This has been lightly patched, which now causes the club to go up with a bit of forward momentum.
  • The environment can be your friend or your foe at times.
    • In water, you swim surprisingly quickly in it. In return, the water can block out damage.
      • This can help thin out survivors, as you can throw a club to those trying to kill you.
      • Explosive damage can still hurt you, so time your Block ability carefully.
    • Use the environment to get to a good position to kill survivors. If you are not, expect to be torn to shreds.
      • Purchasing Upgrade Climb from the In-Game Store is recommended if you haven't done so already.
    • Taking a seat at any point with this mob will result in you remaining stuck forever.
      • Don't worry, as most maps don't have seats within them. You never know, however.
    • You cannot spawn at all in maps that have restrictions. So far, this only applies to S.S. Boliviar.
  • You aren't invincible, so coordinate with the other zombies to distract them while you come in.
  • Find an Elemental as soon as you can and work together to transform you into a Charged Brute.
    • As an added bonus, you receive a full recovery from any damage you have taken.
  • Despite your large health pool, don't be too reckless, as a team of well-prepared survivors will make short work of you. Be sure to take cover.


  • This is the first mob to be converted to custom meshes and the first to have multiple abilities.
  • The Brute appears to be a reincarnation of R2D 2014's Tank - they both can throw objects and have extreme health.
    • On top of that, the Brute is one of the three mobs that can get multiple kills with only one move.
      • The Elemental make up the other two, with both forms having an attack that can kill multiple survivors.
    • Plus, this is the only mob that can directly work together with another mob: the Elemental.
  • It used to be able to jump higher than it does now, but it only had a 1000 HP.
    • Both the jump and the throw length were nerfed in v0.1.8.
  • As of v0.5.8, only one can be alive at a time. Problems were had when this limit was not set in stone.
  • Forcing the game to turn you into a Brute used to cost 350$. As of v0.7.9, the price has been raised to 600$.
  • In v1.1.9, the health rose from 1.25k to 1.75k.
    • The forecfield energy decreased from 30/sec to 20/sec.
  • As of v0.8.8, the face decal has been changed.
  • The thrown club previously did not make an explosion upon landing.
  • PlaceRebuilder used to personally have a 50% spawn rate as a Brute. This has since been removed.
  • The concept of the Brute is based off a scrapped mob for R2D 2014 called the Charged Tank.
    • The name came from this competition. It was referred to as the "Beast" when it was initially added.
    • Some ideas before the competition that were put into thought were Behemoth, Goliath, Giant and Ogre.
    • The current icon is an early screenshot of it. Notice the less detailed textures and the saturated tone.
  • The idle animation bears some resemblance to a Skyrim giant's idle animation.
  • The Brute Club can be found here.

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