This item/feature has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"Even the Brute's getting into the Christmas spirit ... Or perhaps he was just cold."


The Christmas Brute is a festive variant of the original Brute that has double the amount of health and can drop around 2-10 tickets and a X-Mas Cape upon death. Unlike other variants of the Brute, this is the only type that wears a hat. The cosmetic he is wearing is based off the ROBLOX catalog Christmas Cloak which can be purchased for 500 ROBUX.

Background Story

When winter was arriving and Christmas was already coming, many survivors thought they can simply obtain a Christmas Cloak from clothing stores for warmth and celebrate the twelve days of Christmas. Survivors would set up campfires and mention what it was like before the apocalypse.

Despite all the jolly, a few unlucky survivors were ambushed by a swarm of zombies up in the North Pole and became infected. It was not long till their mutated growth hormones were producing a hefty amount of muscle which increased their overall appearance and height, mutating them into "brutes". They weren't just any brute, thanks to their Christmas Cloak and once before apocalyptic experience, they became Christmas Brutes.


LMB Hold
Smash: The Brute smashes its club into the ground, flinging and harming survivors.

Consumes no energy.

Throw: The Brute throws the club, dealing 200 damage to any survivor that is directly hit, and dealing mid to high damage to anyone caught in the explosion. The explosion flings nearby survivors as well.

Consumes 30 energy.

Block: The Brute emits a forcefield, which prevents damage from being taken while it is in effect. Movement is completely halted.

Consumes 30 energy per second.


  • Use Tips on the Brute page.
  • This can get charged.
    • The health isn't over 5,000, however. It still has the standard 5,000 HP as a normal Charged Brute.


  • This is the fourth costume for zombies.
  • This variation of the Brute has double/triple the amount of health compared to a normal Brute (when it had 1,250 health).
  • They drop the X-Mas Cape upon death.
    • You can pick up the X-Mas Cape even if you did not kill the actual Brute.
  • If the Brute spawns with a Santa hat rather than the cape, it will not gain any stat increases, nor will it drop a Cape.
    • Treat it as a regular Brute.
  • When charged, the texture on his X-Mas Cape becomes glitched and turns into a dark-ish and light blue mixed together.


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