"Yeah, now brutes can actually make a difference!"
―SunAnts and 70coolguy70

Walther's Notes - Restored

This note was found smudged under a dock box. It has since been partially rewritten through conjecture.

Addendum: Of all the events that unfolded so far, this is absolutely the worst - and most abrupt. Out of the blue, one of the fiery idiots went directly for this beast and erupted. For god knows why, it immediately became bloated of zest and glint, more menacing than before. Without having trouble, it already had killed half of everyone around me, spurting sparks with every move. They're smart, and they're helping each other. I was blessed to outrun that thing, even the heavily equipped got pulverised as their bullets barely scratched it.


For survivors, this zombie is by far the most dangerous in the game. Should you ever hear the audio cue, you should always be careful, as this zombie is the strongest and most unpredictable in the entire game. Do not be thrown off by its faster club attacks or high HP. Stay level-headed and focus it down. Take down an Elemental as soon as possible if you see one.

Combined with a good horde of zombies, this super-powered brute can easily take out an entire team. If you're a zombie, work together to disrupt and take out survivors.

Background Story

As a group of survivors walked the old ruins of a backwater town, they had stumbled across a gigantic horde of zombies, ranging from normals to Brutes. After clearing out the entire wave of the dead, only a lone Elemental & Brute stood standing, although barely. However, despite their fellow shamblers now in pieces, the injured Elemental had an unnerving, almost maliciously intelligent grin spread wide across its flickering face. The Elemental proceeded to shove his hand into a damaged transformer and with a horrifying flash of light, the once burning, bright creature became enveloped with electricity. With it, the once nearly dead Brute became charged with an overzealous amount of searing power now coursing through its undead veins. The remaining survivors tried fighting it off, but with its superior strength, it quickly killed most of the group and those who did live fled into the unknown, carrying this devastating information that would soon haunt survivors all around.

It can be a horrifying reminder that the SANI virus can be as smart as survivors themselves. Perhaps, even smarter.


PC Gamepad Tablet Description
LMB Hold
RTrigger XboxButton
Charged Smash: The Brute smashes its club into the ground, creates a huge shockwave that shocks nearby survivors and deals 10 damage.
Consumes no energy.
X XboxButton
Sonic Throw: The Brute throws its club that zips through the air that instantly kills any survivor that is directly hit. Survivors who are caught in the explosion are dealt mid to high damage. The blast radius itself is larger than a regular throw.
Consumes 30 energy.
B XboxButton
Block: The Brute emits a forcefield, which prevents damage from being taken while it is in effect. Movement is completely halted. 1 second cooldown between each block.
Consumes 20 energy per second.



  • You can prevent this mob becoming charged by wiping out Elementals.
    • Don't shoot an Elemental near a Brute unless you are sure you are able to kill it.
      • Weakening it without actually killing it will grant you a bigger problem on your hands, unless they have used all their stamina.
  • Getting out of the way of a Charged Brute is a good idea. Try to shoot it down from afar with your friends.
  • Some weapons are better at taking this down than others.
    • The Minigun has to go through at least half a belt to kill one, even with headshots.
    • The M249 can kill one with an entire mag as long as you land most of your shots.
    • The SCAR-H and P90 can take down a Charged Brute fairly well, possibly even better than the M249 as you'll have more mobility to dodge attacks.
    • A sniper such as the Barrett 50 Cal. and the Dragunov may be a good idea to shoot at the Charged Brute from long range.
      • Aim for the head and pay attention as the Charged Brute may throw its club at you.
    • The AK-47, Thompson, or FAMAS are good choices as long as you have enough ammo to back them up.
    • Using the Toy Bow is a good idea to keep it in one spot due to the tripping perk it has.
      • Even while stunned, a club can still be thrown at you. Pay attention.
    • On the other hand, using shotguns like the Spas-12 may be difficult due to the Charged Smash.
    • The Ice Gun makes fighting this zombie quite easy. Fire the gun when necessary to disable the Charged Brute while other survivors kill it.
      • If you do not have the Ice GunIce Bullets work just as well.
        • You cannot reload Ice Bullets, so try to save them when you need to freeze a Charged Brute.
    • The Boo Buster is also a good weapon to completely render a Charged Brute useless. If practised well, you can fling a Charged Brute across the map, into a void or into the crossfire of fellow survivors.
      • Be weary that you have to get in up close and personal if you plan to use the Ice Gun or the Boo Buster. Be ready to run if things do no go well in your favour.
    • An RPG is a good choice, but you have to be near an Ammo Station since it takes 4 rockets to kill it.
      • You could also use it to kill Elementals trying to charge the Brute up.
    • In general, close-range weapons like the Flamethrower are not recommended.
  • Anything that forcibly attracts zombies, such as the Pipebomb and the Clockbomb, is recommended.
    • Throwing one off the edge of a map or into water (when applicable) can work well.
  • Despite appearances, it can still be stunned. Use this to your advantage to keep it still for a while.
  • Keep a head out at all times. In big maps like Last Harvest, it's possible to not hear its roaring sound when it charges.
  • The Faraday Vest only nulls one of the Charged Brute's attack, the Charged Smash.
  • Explosive Bullets deal double damage in comparison to normal bullets, making them somewhat effective against Charged Brutes.


  • The Sonic Club is useful for any players trying to pull a fast one on you. The gravity doesn't kick in for a while.
  • The Charged Smash radius may be larger than you think. It stuns survivors and leaves them vulnerable.
    • It does do less damage than a regular smash, but it does have an afterburn.
  • Prioritise who you want to kill. Killing a player that uses a Skorpion is outweighed by one who uses a Minigun.
  • Try not to be too stingy with your HP. You have a lot of it, so don't be afraid to take risks when travelling.
  • If you want, you can take some cover while you wait for an Elemental to charge you.
  • The Charged Smash replaces the trip effect with the zap effect, meaning you cannot trip a survivor with a Faraday Vest equipped.
    • Use your Sonic Club to counter this.


  • The Charged Brute makes an angry sound when charged.
    • This sound is very similar to the sound a Tank from R2D 2014 makes when spawning.
  • This has the second largest HP pool for a zombie, after the Skull Champion.
  • Like the Brute, it has a one zombie limit across all servers apart from Survival Unlimited and some VIP Servers.
  • In v1.3.8, a kill assist reward for assisting a brute kill was added.
    • This only rewards an assist kill if you damaged the Charged Brute sufficiently enough, not to anyone who damaged it before it was charged.


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