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Within R2DA, there are various structures and objects that can be "broken" by survivors, entities and zombies. Objects "broken" become unanchored and most disappear after about 10 seconds. This is a returning feature from R2D 2014. Naturally spawning Breakables tend not to respawn between rounds if the same map is repeated (with the exception of Windows and some Doors).

There are four categories of Breakables:

  • Normal Breakable - Can be broken by survivors and zombies alike.
    For survivors, this normally means a shot from a ranged weapon or explosion.
    Typically, melees, the Toy Bow, Flamethrower, Boo Buster and non-explosive items cannot break Normal Breakables. There are, however, exceptions.
    For Zombies, this is elaborated in the ZBreakable section, as most Normal Breakables follow the pattern of ZBreakables.
  • ZBreakable - Can only be broken by zombies (and AI Infected).
    To count as a "hit", the zombie needs to do one of the following:
    Use the Scratch (or Swarmer Claw) move, if the zombie has said ability. This counts as one "hit".
    Use the Elemental Transform or Rebirth move. Counts as two "hits".
    Use the Digger Sabotage move. Counts as two "hits". (Breaking anything will reward 10$ per hit. For map breakables, the cash reward may not be rewarded.)
    Use the Normal Brute Smash move. Counts as three "hits".
    Use the Normal Brute or Charged Brute Throw move. Counts as two "hits".
    Use the Digger's Pickaxe move. Counts as five "hits".
    All other zombie moves do not account for any "hit" damage towards ZBreakables.
  • NPC Breakable - Can only be broken by NPC entities (including Bosses).
  • Special Breakale - Breakables that do not follow the three main categories above.

ZBreakable Objects

Objects Hits Additional Notes
Disruptor 5 A Brute requires 3 hits to destroy the Disruptor (using Throw or Smash).
M2 Tripod 16 The M2 Tripod also breaks if 400 shots are fired from it.
Various Hammer Buildings 12 This includes:

  • Wide Fence
  • Single Fence
  • Fence with Door
    Note that the door is independent to the Fence itself. This is listed under Doors.
  • Tower
  • Fence (Removed)
  • Barbed Wire Fence (Removed)
  • Scout (Removed)
Hammer Planks 3 This entry only counts for Hammer plank, not environmental planks.
Doors Various All the Doors listed below can be destroyed in Team Deathmatch with melees (they count as one "hit". See the Doors page for more information about specific doors.
  • 4-7 hits
    Caved In Keypad
  • 7 hits
    Fancy Wooden
    Metal (Cabin)
    Metal (Old)
    Fence Door
    Note that the door is independent to the Fence itself. This is listed under Hammer Buildings.
  • 9 hits
  • 20 hits
    Outpost 21 Airlock
Boosterpad 1 Due to the fact the the Boosterpad can be placed on the ground, if the Boosterpad is placed on the ground and not near a ledge, only Diggers and Brutes can hit the Boosterpad, if a Zombie that isn't those two, tries to break it, they will most likely be boosted into the air.
Foxriver Prison Fence 30 Does not "heal" between rounds.

Normal Breakable Objects

Objects Hits Additional Notes
Windows 1 After breaking, Windows form Glass Shards if the Window is big enough. Punch and Kick can also break Windows.
Sandbags 1 The top layers of a row of sandbags must be broken first before the bottom layers can be broken.
Wooden Crates
(King Crab II & R2DA Wipeout III)
3 Although zombies do not appear in this map, survivors can destroy these crates using the usual methods. These crates will spawn Sand Crabs if you break them.
Gravestone 3 Although zombies do not appear in this map, survivors can destroy the gravestones using the usual methods. This only accounts for those found at the end of Boo's Holdout and Pumpkinator's Bootcamp. not those built by the Hammer.
The following list depicts objects that can only be found in their respective maps only. If a map is not listed, it does not contain any Normal Breakable objects. All objects listed can be destroyed in one "hit".
Icon Map Objects
1930's Kingstreet Wooden Pallets, Window Mullion
Foxriver Prison Coffee Cups
Terminal Decay Planks
Casius Thumb.png
Casius Outpost Ventilation Cover
No Mercy Hospital Planks, Ventilation Bars, Metal Trap Cover
Farmhouse Window Blinds, Window Mullion, Books
Zero Kelvin Station Ventilation Cover
Stud Harvest II Window Mullion
Blox Harbor.png
Blox Harbor Window Mullion
Portland Planks
New Bloxcoast II Planks
Subway Ventilation Cover
Sewers Ventilation Cover
Outskirts Planks
Coastline Clash Books
Coconut Split Stadium Wooden Supports, Concrete Supports, Vending Machine Hole, Ferris Wheel, White Wooden Planks, Skull Riders Sign, Scaffolding Plank Wood, Stage Black Boxes, Panama Punch, Ticker Soda, Hall Pillars, Hall Fence Down Holes, Metal Chair, Wooden Boxes, Ventilation Cover, Metal Fence, Concrete Platforms, Wooden Barricade Wall
Caved In.png
Caved In Planks, Books, Television, Television Screen
Sunny (2).png
Sunny Seaside Window Mullion
District III Island Signs, Statue Arm & Ball, Advertisement Sign, Concrete Pipes, Highway Sign, Chairs (Also during Debug, Candy Canes)
Suburbs Dustbin, Rusted Dustbin, Chairs
Peach N' Spills Sand Castle, Water Slide Stairs, Lock, Parasols, Bottle, Watch-House Stairs, Cannonball, Seats, False Wall

NPC Breakable Objects

This section lists an NPC and the objects they can break. This does not include AI Infecteds (they are accounted for in the ZBreakable section). If a mob is not listed here, they cannot break any object.

Icon Mob Details
KingCrab (3).png
King Crab Can destroy many artificial objects in his map, including deckchairs, scout outposts and the lighthouse by using his Smash move. He can also simply walk into the objects to destroy them. The wooden pier can be destroyed by both King Crab and the tsunami.
Lord Pumpkin Jr. His Meteor Shower and Inferno moves destroys wooden structures around the map. Earthquake destroys the terrain itself, as well as any associated wooden structures. Ammo Stations are also destroyed if the terrain they reside on are destroyed (2017 only).
Chronos XI All his moves except Laser Storm can destroy the arena blocks, as well as the Ammo Stations around the map. Blocks aren't destroyed permanently and will regenerate over time.
King Cherrycake His Ground Smash and Cherry Bomb moves can destroy the arena blocks and pillars around the map, as well as the Ammo Stations. Blocks and pillars aren't destroyed permanently. Similar to the Chronos Dimension, the blocks and pillars around the arena will regenerate over time.
King Crab II He can destroy sandcastles, deckchairs, parasols and the light house by using his Claw Charge, Sandy Smash or Volcanic Eruption moves.
Pumpkinator In Pumpkinator's Stronghold, his Missile Launcher move could destroy wooden structures around the map (survivors could also destroy these structures with their own explosives).

In Pumpkinator's Revenge, his Missile Launcher and Volcano Dance moves could destroy the wooden structures around the map. His Pressure Slam move could destroy the terrain outright, while the Volcano Dance could only sink the terrain slightly.

DuckB (1).png
Ducky Her Peck, Duck Bomber and Running in the 90's moves can destroy the windmill, cooling tower, fence and hay bale around Duckland.
Papa Squid His Wriggling Wrath move can destroy the four white pillars around his map.
FrostyJr (1).png
Frosty Jr. His Hammer Throw and Gatekeeper Slam moves can destroy the wooden pier and hut on his map.
FishMeme (2).png
Punk Fish In High Bye Die, the Punk Fish destroy the Wooden Bridge.
Stone Golumn Can destroy pillars and blocks around the hall using his Hammer Smash and Hammer Swipe moves.
CannonCloud (2).png
Cannon Cloud In King Cherrycake's Quest, the Cannon Cloud can destroy arena blocks and Ammo Stations.
JackSlot (2).png
Jacksplot 7 In Jacksplot's Domain, many of its attacks can destroy the arena.
Dice In Jacksplot's Domain and Casino Halls, when killed, it will roll a number which will destroy the corresponding terrain around it. It can also destroy the green wall in Casino Halls with its lasers.
DiceLord (1).png
DiceLord In Casino Halls, when killed, it will spawn large amounts of blue dice which can destroy the terrain.
FinalAce (2).png
Final Ace In Jacksplot's Domain, when killed, it will destroy the terrain around it.
FinalDice (2).png
Final Dice In Jacksplot's Domain, when killed, it will roll a number which will destroy corresponding terrain around it, doubled.
Leeroy In Buried Alive Campaign, the gate near the church can be broken when he explodes.

Special Breakable Objects

Object/Entity Details
M939 Can be "broken" if it is driven into water or the terrain in Terminal Decay. Explodes if it is done so.
(Zero Kelvin Station & Buried Alive)
During Campaign, the rocks in the subway tunnel (for Zero Kelvin Station) or at the spawn (Buried Alive) can be "broken" by a Pickaxe.
Trees During Blox Harbor Campaign, the trees on the far island can be broken by the Axe. Each tree can take 5 hits.

During Boo's Holdout, the Boo Tree can be broken by the Axe. It is broken in 3 hits.

Brick Wall During Coastline Clash Campaign, the stone wall in the well can be broken by Wooden Barrels with the Flare.
(Caved In)
During Caved In Campaign, the rocks leading into the storage room of the cave can be destroyed with a TNT detonation.
Gas Tank In New Bloxcoast II, 9 shots can destroy either the small or large tanks beside the gas station. If either one explodes, the other one will explode.
Tsunami In King Crab, the tsunami rises to destroy the wooden pier and house.
Lava In maps with a Water Rating of Lava, the Lava can destroy wooden structures as well as some other blocks (such as the spinners in Halloween Bootcamp).
Various Planks Some Planks in Duck's Quest, Pumpkinator's Bootcamp, Pumpkin's Quest and King Cherrycake's Quest are broken upon touch.
Presents In Cake Kingdom, presents are destroyed by four melee hits (including Punch and Kick). In 2016, you could've shot them, or simply touched time four times.
Halloween Decorations Various Halloween Decorations in Trick O' Threat Town Minigame are destroyed upon varying hits and methods.
  • Skull: 1 hit (Melees only)
  • Tombstone: 3 hits (Melees only)
  • Ghost: 2 hits (Melees only)
  • Trumpet: 1 hit (Melees only)
  • Pumpkin: 3 hits (Melees only)
  • Dragon: 1 hit (Can be shot at)
  • Bat: 1 hit (Can be shot at)
  • Cauldron: 2 hits (Can be shot at)
  • Mushrooms: 1 hit (Can be shot at)
Frozen Tickets Can only be "broken" by the Flamethrower, Molotov and Jerry Can.
Blocks & Wall The wall in Chronos Chamber, as well as spawn terrain, can be destroyed by the Clockbomb. The terrain only respawns once at around 1:00-2:00 into the round. After that, the terrain remains destroyed until the round is over.
Glass Shards These can be broken if a survivor or zombie touches them. They can also be broken if they are shot at.