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Boss is a special Gamemode which involves the entire server having to kill a boss related to the current event or celebration. The boss usually has many strong attacks that can easily kill people. In turn, survivors have to work together to kill the boss before it kills them within a time limit.

For bosses after Chronos XI, you first need to complete a Quest every time before being able to fight a Boss.


  • You only have a limited amount of times you can refill your gun. Expend it completely before going for a refill.
  • Dying in this Gamemode will not get you any prizes if the Boss is defeated.
  • Healing items are always a must when going into a Boss round.
    • The only known exclusion to this is Chronos XI, due to the fact that almost all his attacks rely on you falling into the void.
      • However, his Laser Beam attack can still damage you, so bringing some Vitamins won't hurt.
    • Jacksplot 7 may seem like an exception initially due to similar logic, however he has plenty of non-destructive attacks to compliment his destructive ones. Bringing Vitamins is a smart move, and you can give yourself Cake ​if you really need it.
  • Booster items such as Candy Canes and Pine Juice will most likely be vital as well.
  • Using the "give Boosterpad" command will not work in this game mode.
    • In Chronos XI and King Cherrycake the Crabmine is banned.
      • The reason for this is that Crabmine floats, even when blocks are destroyed. This allows all players but the person who placed it to stand on it, eliminating any and all challenge.
        • These event items and the Hammer are the only items banned in Boss.


  • Captain Crab is the only boss that cannot be played on the Boss gamemode.
  • This was the second Gamemode released in R2DA with the first one being Original Survival.
    • With that, this was also the first Exclusive Gamemode.
    • This is also a returning gamemode from R2D 2014.
  • During Release 2016 and Halloween 2016, players could bring the Hammer to the Boss fight. Because it was heavily abused, it was removed from the gamemode entirely.
  • When Chronos XI was released with the M939, player could spawn the M939 and could abuse it, because it would not be destroyed if the terrain underneath it was destroyed. It was therefore removed from Boss modes.
    • The same applied to the Van.