"TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!... For 2 seconds"


Want to get to high up places, but you don't have the Karambit? This item is the easiest solution to your problems. It does it by boosting your character up by a significant height but if your jump is poorly timed, it will damage you.

Background Story

These magical Boosterpads were recovered from King Cherrycake's kingdom over the course of many battles. Once they were uplifted from the skies, they were brought down to use by the same people who defeated the terror.

Useful for everyday escapes, but your enemies can use them too. People have also noticed the increased casualties in broken legs once this item was introduced to the general public.


  • This is a one-time use item. Once placed down, it cannot be moved.
    • Other people can use it. This includes zombies.
  • Combine this with the Cakepack to reduce the chance of damage.
    • This will launch you high enough to make you take damage, so try not to accidentally step on it if you don't have a Cakepack, ParasolJetpack or Duck Mount.
    • The Boo Blast will make you go even higher on a Boosterpad, but it will not prevent fall damage incurring.
  • This is a very good item to use if you want to flank people in Free For All.
  • The Boosterpad is destroyed in one hit by any zombie, so long they can damage it.
  • Using boosters to block or teamkill will result in you getting banned.



  • v1.4.5
    • Made breakable for zombies.

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