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This item is no longer obtainable.
There's no way to get this item in-game, but as long as you have it you should be fine.
There might be other ways to obtain this item, but it might not be ever available again.

"I used to get warned a lot on Gmod but now I can warn zombies!"
―Unknown Survivor


The Boo Buster is the first event primary weapon. This weapon has the unique ability to carry enemies through the air, all the while dealing with damage.

Background Story

This futuristic gun was made by Pumpkinator to corral the Boos with a tiny, efficient and powerful device. Unlike normal weapons, which can only temporarily damage the Boo's physical form, the Boo Buster is filled with the powerful essence of fallen ghosts. Its beam can trap, and eventually tear apart the Boo's immaterial body. Truly a weapon of untold, horrific power.

Luckily, Pumpkinator didn't test this on anything that wasn't a ghost. Some survivors talk about a certain sandbox game with a weapon of similar properties.

Heavenly Day decided to build replicates of the sci-fi prototype, but due to the lack of required materials and scarcity of them, few copies were ever sold at the marked-up price. Nobody knows how the Pumpkinator created the magical firearm, or even how Heavenly Day made almost exact copies of it.


  • Use it on those Boos. This ignores the transparency effect on them.
    • This means while they are invulnerable to normal weapons, this weapon still can attack them.
  • This weapon can lock onto enemies and continue to attack them until death.
    • This also stuns the enemy in question so when you stop attacking, they are still vulnerable.
  • The Boo Buster also has aimbot, so long your peripheral vision is in sight of the enemy.
  • This weapon can hold your enemies and drag them around.
    • This means you can kill Brutes by dragging them into killable environments such as water.
  • It's better the save up ammunition and not waste it.
    • Try not to hold down too much as this will waste ammunition.
  • Wearing magazine-giving armors such as the Bulldozer II while using this weapon will not give any extra ammunition, since magazines do not exist for this weapon.
  • A good tactic is to hold and stun players with the weapon, then finish them with your secondary.
  • It's also a good idea to use it in Rapid Infection on maps with deadly water, since you can drag the zombies into the water.
    • This is also quite useful in Free For All, so long you can get close enough to a player.
  • This cannot attack Elementals, so use other means such as the Fire Extinguisher.
  • Be aware that the Boo Buster can sometimes target dead bodies, wasting ammo.
    • This no longer occurs as of v1.4.4.
  • This cannot target those who used the Boo Blast or wear the Faraday Vest.
  • Be aware that if a zombie has a large health pool, like the Brute, holding them for too long will make them able to fight back.
    • To prevent this, you can start up the Boo Buster periodically.
  • You cannot pick up the Skull Champion, Stone Golumn, Wraith or Cannon Cloud with this.
    • However, some mobs can be locked onto but their movements cannot be manipulated by the Boo Buster (so only damage is dealt).


  • High Damage per Magazine
  • High Magazine Ammo
  • Aimbot
  • Automatic
  • High Rate of Fire
  • Immobilises Enemies


  • Low DPS
  • Low Damage
  • No Reserve Ammo
  • No attachments
  • Event Exclusive



  • v1.4.4
    • Rank changed from 0 to 8.
    • Damage corrected from 77 to 14.
    • Range corrected from 77 to 50.

  • This weapon is heavily inspired from the Ghostbusters movies, in which the protagonists use similar weapons.
  • The Boo Buster had 99 for all stats in Debug instead of 77.
    • It also cost the usual 1,499 Tickets.
  • The Boo Buster model is similar to the Type-25 Carbine from Halo.
  • The Boo Buster is the first event primary weapon.
  • The Boo Buster is the first electric weapon.
  • Second event weapon to cost more than 1,499 tickets.
  • This is the first weapon to have the ability to hold enemies.
  • The concept for this weapon was made by LITTLEROBBY11 and GoSinister.
  • This is the third event weapon to have a skin.
  • Before v1.3.8a, the Boo Buster had infinite range due to a bug, meaning you could target somebody from across a map and stun them.