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This item is no longer obtainable.
There's no way to get this item in-game, but as long as you have it you should be fine.
There might be other ways to obtain this item, but it might not be ever available again.

"Let's be transparent for a moment, you are about to get a blast with these things!"


A very light drink containing elastic fluids from Boos. When a survivor drinks the can, his body becomes fluorescent and begins to float like a ghost enjoying a low-gravity boost and immunity from being tripped against Boos. It also makes you invulnerable against the Boo Buster.

Background Story

After the Boos were trapped again by Pumpkinator and made the same foolish mistake of dropping survivors to their demise, they decided to gather their items once again to make more Boopacks. A few of the Boos found expired ENRGY cans and they found out that survivors could use something to drink, now that its hard to find summer novelties. They created multiple variants of the Boo Blast. Most of them didn't taste good, however, because it was generally sugar and other ingredients. The soda needed some zest, and so the Boos went to work. They eventually found lime on their scavenging hunt and they put it into the soda. It worked and the soda tastes very nice. The soda got into mass production and because the Boos handled it, the soda became spooky for whatever reason. Still, the soda tasted alright anyway.


  • If you drink this, Boos cannot trip you.
  • You can give another survivor Boo Blasts by right-clicking on them while holding it.
  • You can use this when falling from a high place or if you need to jump away from incoming hoards.
  • It is suggested to use it so you don't break your legs. Use it in Quest maps or such.
    • You will still take fall damage but the Boo Blast will only cut it.
    • To compare, falling from the top of Chronos Quest's wall with Boo Blast effect will take around 76 health.
  • In Bosses, this can be very useful in dodging attacks.
  • This makes you immune to the Boo Buster in Free For All and Party Deathmatch.


  • When Debug was open for everyone, this was extremely buggy.
  • There is currently a bug where if you drink Boo Blast right before dying, the effects are still applied on you as a zombie.
  • Rockynic designed the model of this item and also offered its statistics to PlaceRebuilder.
    • PlaceRebuilder asked Rockynic to use one of his Energy Drinks from his popular suggestion to create a new Halloween item but he proposed to keep the original models for a possible permanent item by creating a new special model including Boos.