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Boo's Holdout

This item/feature has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"Me: *crosses bridge*
Cannons: So anyways, I started blasting."


Boo's Holdout is the Quest map for the R2DA Halloween Event 2019. Itself, like every other quest, primarily features obstacles, traps and amazing treasures! However, watch out, as some chests are traps!

Background Story

The Boos were bored of not doing anything in this dry, empty and deadly place. After some time, they decided to create their own holdout where every Boo was welcomed! They had so much fun renovating the place for the Boos to hang out! They also made beautiful Boo Trees for everyone to see which, for some odd reason, created more Boos. The Boos lived in harmony... until the Survivors came.

They ruined everything that was of value to the Boos for their own greed and protection. They had destroyed the old graves of the deceased habitants and family members of the Boos. They destroyed their precious Boo Trees, meaning no more Boos could be created. The fun vanished. The beauty vanished. Everything good vanished. The older Boos, with their last breath, made obstacles to protect the younger Boos and the only remaining Boo tree in this once beautiful holdout. Their leader, the Pumpkinator, had found about this incident. He realised the Boos wanted revenge, but he also wanted revenge after what happened a while back year ago. So they teamed up, all for the same cause... to kill the survivors once and for all.


Mobs: Boo (Troll Chest before Obstacle 5, Boo Tree), Skellie (Obstacle 3, Detour 5, Obstacle 10), AI Normal (Obstacle 9), Skullguard (Obstacle 9)

  • Obstacle 1The Pillars - Jump over pillars to reach the other side but be cautious as one of the two pillars after the second pillar can potentially trip and kill you.
  • Obstacle 2Troll Truss - Climbing the truss will result in spikes coming out, killing you. Use the pumpkin head instead.
  • Obstacle 3Balanced Platforms - Simply jump onto two unstable platforms to reach the other side. They are spun if weighted too heavily on one side. Two Skellies will spawn from the graves on the other side.
  • Detour 1The Cliff - Jump through a series of yellow platforms, which fall after contact. Once you reach the base of the cliff, climb up using a truss and some blocks to reach the top. 2 Regular Chests appear on the summit of the cliff but at the base of the cliff there is a false chest which will explode on touch.
  • Obstacle 4Rotating Platforms - Jump onto one of the rotating platforms and wait for it to reach the other side.
  • Obstacle 5Cannon Bridge - Cross the bridge while dodging the blasts of the trip cannons.
  • Detour 2 - The Quicksters - Jump across some yellow blocks to reach the first platform. Then jump to a quick rotating platform and reach the middle platform. Repeat the process for the second spinning platform to reach to the second platform. Jump through some more yellow platforms to reach the final platform which awaits 2 Regular Chests.
  • Obstacle 6Rotating Beam - Cross the split rotating beam, spinning alternatively (clockwise and anti-clockwise), to the other side.
  • Detour 3Boo Tree - The main platform after the Rotating Beam has a Boo Tree, which can be destroyed with an Axe.
  • Detour 4Jump and Launch - Jump through more yellow platforms and use the boosterpad at the middle platform to reach the base of the cliff. You'll be rewarded with 2 Regular Chests and a button that grants access to the The Cogs.
  • Obstacle 7The Cogs - Jump onto a rotating cog and jump off to the middle platform. Then jump to the other cog and land on the yellow platforms. These platforms will fall but there is a stable platform and a truss to help you up.
  • Obstacle 8Polygon Run - Run across the spinning polygons and cogs. Mind the gap between them and be aware they spin alternatively.
  • Detour 5Disturbed Graves - You can break these graves if you wish but they won't affect your progress of reaching the graveyard. Some may contain 6 Tickets, Skellies but some may explode, killing you without a Flakvest. Afterwards, go down to a bridge past the graves. Some of the planks are unstable so be careful of where you step.
  • Obstacle 9The Three Keys - Destroy the graveyard and fight against the AI Normals that spawn. A few hide the Skullguards that have the Key. Kill them to get the keys. After getting 3 keys, you unlock the portal to Pumpkinator's Revenge.



  • Two chests are false chests, the one on the base of Detour 1 and one before Obstacle 5.
    • The latter spawns Boos while the former explodes.
  • If you bring the Axe, you are able to chop down the Boo Tree on Detour 3 (distinguished by the sign on it). By doing this, you prevent Boos from spawning there and get 1 Fame and 50$.
  • The first truss has spikes on it when you attempt to climb it. Be careful.
  • It is suggested to either bring an explosive weapon or the Boo Buster to clear out hordes of Boos that spawn from the Boo Tree or false chests.
  • It is recommended to use the RPG to kill a large hordes of AI Normals in Obstacle 10.
  • You can use a thrown Tomahawk or Pumpkin Pie to see which pillar is the troll one on Obstacle 1.
  • If you touch lava while you have your mount equipped, you cannot use the mount anymore.
    • Attempting to spawn it in will display the message, "Your mount is dead."


  • When the map was first submitted, it had a familiar mansion (from Pumpkin's Quest) and other obstacles at the end. Now, this has changed to a simple graveyard to shorten the quest.
  • In Debug, the Polygon Run span much faster and The Cogs didn't have a lower platform beneath the falling platforms as seen in this video.
    • The Balanced Platforms were also much more thinner, increasing rotation.