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This item is no longer obtainable.
There's no way to get this item in-game, but as long as you have it you should be fine.
There might be other ways to obtain this item, but it might not be ever available again.

"Why can Skellie's block everything and we can't?!"


This is a Bone Sword. While it looks basic, this has one ability that differentiates itself from other melees; melee blocking. Within the melee, there is a shield which can be used to block melee attacks. Hold "E" to activate the shield.

Background Story

Made from Pumpkinator's magic, these allowed the undead wielders to be completely immune to any and all damage when activated. After salvaging these from fallen Skellies, survivors were unable to use their full power due to their lack of dark magic, but they still find it useful for blocking melee attacks and zombie slashes.

Hellish Night, seeing the opportunity, decided to hunt down Skellie for their weapons and start selling them to other survivors, comes bundled with a shield. Advertised to give protection against the apocalypse, but this proved to be false advertising however as it can't even block a Brute club.


  • Hold "E" to block.
    • It ignores Normal Zombie attacks, though it makes you immobile while doing so.
    • It can also ignore the Skullguard trip effect.
    • Note that once the blocking animation ends, you must rehold "E" to block.
  • Very useful in Melee Smash as it can negate most melee damage and effects.
    • Be warned, it does take stamina up.
      • Also watch out for the Chainsaw; as it can bypass the shield.
    • This is best paired with the Rambo Knife in Melee Smash because of its fast deploy and swing speed. Immediately after blocking, you can trip and kill your opponent with the knife.
  • This isn't recommended for killing hordes of zombies.
    • It doesn't trip or pushback, while taking up a lot of stamina, so this is recommended for killing singular Normal Zombies.
  • The block ability does not negate thrown projectiles like a thrown Rambo Knife, Pumpkin Pie and Tomahawk.
    • However, if the projectile hits the shield directly, even if you aren't blocking, the player will not receive any damage.
      • The same concept applies to an Elemental’s fireballs and an Edgar's tongue.
  • This can block thrown Snowballs in Free For All and Party Deathmatch.


  • Melee Block
  • Rapid Swing Rate


  • Event Exclusive
  • Low Damage
  • High Energy Usage
  • No Multi Hit



  • v1.2.5
    • Hit sounds changed.
    • Blocking changed.

  • First weapon to negate damage.
  • Same mesh as Skullguard sword.
    • The mesh can be found here.
  • First ever melee to have two parts to it, in this case, a sword and shield.
  • This is the fourth sword in R2DA.
  • After v1.2.5, the Bone Sword has become infamous for its broken hitboxes, meaning that it can rarely hit any zombie.