PPSh 41 anims

PPSh 41 anims


"Skorpion but good"


Similar stats to the skorpion, but with more range and accuracy, and ammo. Much higher ranked though.

Soviet Submachine-gun chambered in 7.62x25mm Tokarev pistol rounds, produced in 1941 as a cheaper and more simple alternative to the PPD-40. Was in service by the soviet union from 1941-1960. The PPSh-41 was commonly refered to as  "papasha" translating to "daddy" in russian. It was the soviets main SMG during WW2. 
*Has a fairly high firerate, so try to conserve ammo.
**The drum mag attachment can help with this, by increasing magazine size to 71, thus reducing the need to fire in bursts.
***Don't go guns blazing though, as it will still drain ammo pretty quick.

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