The fact that this post exists disappoints me, Chinalake is kinda dirt useless coming to actual long-term survival (and compared to all the other alternatives), if anything the spawncamping capability is the only place where chinalake shines, which is a problem that ALL the explosive weapons suffered for a long time and it is quite hard so solve.

Outside of that, The low ammo count makes it simple to deal with, You can easily counter the gun's user by charging at him single zombie at a time or with seperate groups, or once the spawnpoint changes (which is inevitable with the new spawn heat system), Just like the Flamethrower is hard countered by a SINGLE Edgar or a Brute harrasing from long range, The Chinalake can be handled by memorizing the fact that the user has to no ammo on his PRIMARY slot.

And to anybody who think Chinalake is the best weapon in the game... I HIGHLY QUESTION YOUR SANITY. If anything, Players are leaving because of the constant zombie buffs, the game is becoming harder and harder with each update, we have reached the point where new players are having to no chance of surviving a normal round.

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