SharkyTeamOne wrote:
Racing Steel wrote:
no no no the dragunov and barret don't need this silly nerf
Could you please put some more points up here? It is extremly easy to die by one of the bunny hopping users, and your saying they dont need a "silly" nerf. Just do us the favor, and please show some points here to help your agrument and benifit the thread.
  • r2da is a game about versatility, you should be moving all the time
  • standing still just to get that accuracy boost will leave you vulnerable to a brute club or getting tongued by a edgar
  • things can get really risky in general if you stand where you are trying to snipe
  • you can bunny hop with every other weapon to avoid bullets or zombies.

i really think we should encourage players to move around, especially when using a sniper. it would be a silly play style for players to just stand around and get easily get killed, especially when r2da is about versatility like i stated before.

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