Prestige servers with buffed ticker(.75 second timer), pre-nerf digger, pre-nerf special zombie damage, and buffed brutes should be added. Brute clubs will be insta kill on direct impact like R2D tank rocks in prestige servers. If you get hurt by the explosion of the club and were not directly hit by it then the club will not kill you instantly. There can be up to 5 brutes at a time. If ticker is on fire from a flamethrower or molotov it will reduce the timer from .75 sec to 0 to counter flamethrower spawn killing. Ticker will explode on death when killed by fire. Tickers will have a more powerful explosion when killed by fire from the intense heat. Prestige servers will have a higher amount of starting zombies compared to just 4 zombies in a typical server round. PVE is banned because PVE in a server full of prestige using give commands will last forever similar to void survival.

Prestige will get a 70% exp and money bonus for playing in a prestige server. Outside of the prestige server you have a exp/money bonus cap of 180%. For a prestige player to get to a 250% bonus you need to play in a prestige server. The bonus of a prestige server could be 300%. 

Prestige servers would make it so all the OP prestige don't play with the non-prestige and demolish them 24/7. You also won't have people playing in Void all day because the biggest bonus they can have is 180%. To get to a 250-300% bonus they need to play in a prestige server.

Before someone says that prestige servers previously failed that was because there was no incentive to play them. You would have a big incentive to play in prestige servers to rank up faster with the 70% bonus. It would also make the game more fun and enjoyable for people that are expierienced and want more of a challenge than a typical server. Also make being zombie more enjoyable.

Edit: added brute limit of 5 

Edit: Removed pre-nerf ticker. I think that pre-nerf ticker with swarmer would be too much. Swarmer could hit players with a hive, leaving them open for a ticker to walk up to them and explode. Swarmer wasn't in the game when pre-nerf ticker was around so I did not think of the pairing. I gave it a reduced timer of 2 secs to .75 secs instead. Pre-nerf ticker could be debug tested to find out whether or not the pre-nerf ticker and swarmer combo is too much.

Edit: Added "if ticker is on fire from flamethower or molotov it will reduce the timer to 0. Ticker will explode on death when killed by fire" to counter flamethrower spawnkilling. Added heat from fire would realistically act as a catalyst in causing a  powerful nuclear explosion. This will encourage people to use other weapons besides flamethrower. Flamethower will be a high-risk high-reward ​weapon.​

Edit: PVE is banned from prestige.

There can possibly be no brute limit. Can be debugged to see if this is balanced. I prefer no brute limit because with a large party bonus you can get over $400 per brute kill.

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