EDIT: 2/19/2020: got feedback from certain people in the community and even HIM, so im nerfing some stuff like the damage and firerate, also made some grammar corrections

Damage: 30x8 -> 28x8 (it did the same damage as model 1887 before the nerf, who else caught that? LOL)

Firerate: 0.33s -> 0.4s (slightly faster than Peacemakers if they were an automatic)


It's been a while since we last made a suggestion, but I can assure you that we are making tremendous progress with not only our community suggestions but also with actual ingame updates. We will continue working with PlaceRebuilder to bring new content and balancing changes to the game. But for now, I think the Jackhammer has been long overdue for this thread. Thanks to National_Rascal for making a majority of this suggestion, this wouldn't be possible without him!


A lethal forgotten weapon, the Jackhammer ignores the weaknesses of typical shotguns, utilizing a drum magazine and an automatic firing mode to shred through hordes. It is considered the pinnacle of the shotgun tree in R2DA, being the highest ranking weapon and most costly shotgun.

Background Story

The CEO was most aware of prying eyes from rival corporations and industries taking interest of their work after many successful launches of their products upon creation and delivery, specifically R-Brain Hardwork having a harsh loath to their quick rise to fame and shifting popularity. In response to their efforts; tight scavenging operations for both sides of the Brainwork Bros were issued to suck the potential from ruined factories and armories like mosquitos, and having to eavesdrop on Sinister Arms Inc more than a couple of times in hopes to send a clear message as a reminder to their place in this world - as Outsiders. While the CEO is prepped with a contingency plan if things were to assume the worse, a lone N.P.F. Official - soon to be known as the Chairman upon proper formality - was to introduce to the CEO one of his most treasured antique, convincing enough to give a shot to reconsider - by putting his previous idea as a last resort.

Although there was a catch that all companies share in common, they are highly demanding. During their heated conversation, the N.P.F. had bigger interests in S.A.I. than closing it, but to take it under their wing and be a part of their own jurisdiction - to a point of replacing everyone that made S.A.I. possible. With the CEO taking on the challenge with hope in his crew, they began work on his creation, and upon completion on all due time to observe it's testing stages. With huge relief, the gun was a success without flaw, with the CEO winning his end of the bargain - and remaining true to his deal that he made to benefit S.A.I. for a long while. It was a forgotten, unique weapon in it's rightful way; its very magazines are capable to act like landmines upon quick configuration, easy placement upon any field, switchable to being Semi or fully Automatic - all from a shotgun.

It is not just a shotgun, it's the Pancor Jackhammer.


  • Very high damage
  • Automatic
  • Uses clips instead of shells
  • Apex of the shotguns
  • Bear Trap Mine
  • High ammo reserves
  • Decent range
  • Moderate firerate


  • Long reload time
  • High ranked
  • Very expensive


  • The Jackhammer in real only had three working protoypes, only one remains which is used in media like movies and video games
  • The last remaining Jackhammer is also a functional weapon
  • The Jackhammer's reload in real life is very impractical, taking a long time to disassemble the gun to take out the mag, put ammo in, and reinsert it and assemble it once more to finally shoot again.
  • The Jackhammer, if added to the game, will be the pinnacle of the shotgun tree
  • The Jackhammer ingame does not have the impratical reload as its real life counterpart

Jackhammer Mechanics

  • Jackhammer uses clips instead of individual shotgun shells. The Jackhammer uses clips instead of shells, meaning the shotgun bonus doesn't apply to this shotgun, making it the only shotgun without the bonus. You will instead get the standard +1 or +2 clips from armors.

Special Ammo

Jackhammer was a pretty basic weapon in terms of its mechanics, it had really nothing interesting going for it other than the clips, which is why we decided to include a certain unique special ammo that we think would make it even cooler.

  • Bear Trap Mine [$300]

The Bear Trap Mine originates from an actual idea that people claimed actually worked behind closed doors, however never saw the light of day just like the real Jackhammer. We decided to make this a Special Ammo, this is because if it was an attachment and you could basically place down mines whenever you wanted to, a lot of people will be placing mines everywhere and it'll turn into a game of Minesweeper instead of R2DA. 

To use the Bear Trap Mine, you need to press E, just like any other special ammo. When you do this, your avatar will do another equip animation where they take out the current mag from the Jackhammer. If you try to fire, you will get the same GUI as throwables like Steil and Grenades, the longer you hold the farther you can toss the mine. Throwing a mine will remove the current clip from your Jackhammer, you will need to reload the gun again to shoot it again.

  • NOTE: The more shells in the mag, the more damage it will do. EX: All 10 shells will do maximum damage while 1 shell will do minimal

Only two mines are allowed to be placed down, if you try to throw down a third mine, the oldest one will explode. The mine will instantly blow up in 1 minute of being placed down, or the owner of the mine can shoot it to blow it up early like if it was a propane tank.

The AOE of this mine is small compared to the Crab Mine and other explosives. It has a similar radius as the X-Mas Launcher, however its damage is dependent on how many shells are in the mag when you threw it. 

When the mine is stepped on or shot at by the owner, the mine will shoot out the shells inside the mag at the same time, depending on how many are inside, you can either instantly kill a target (depending on the HP), or heavily damage them.

The mine can unfortunately headshot you if your head somehow lands on the mine if you are stunned or fall down.


The Jackhammer is very rare, only one remains in real life. Handle with caution.

"I was thinking of the wrong Jackhammer..."

Animations [VIDEO]

Jackhammer was animated by bloxxerMan666. We went through a lot of iterations to make the Jackhammer look as good as possible, and hopefully with these animations you are satisfied. (I hope you don't mine the Capreme in it, it wasn't my decision to have it in the video lol)

UNOFFICIAL R2DA - Jackhammer Animations

UNOFFICIAL R2DA - Jackhammer Animations

Animations made by bloxxerMan666

In Conclusion / TL;DR

Jackhammer has to be the hardest weapon to balance in terms of its actual stats and the Bear Trap Mine. It was very difficult to find a sweet spot that we can do with the Bear Trap Mine, we went through countless versions of the mine like having it use claws to hook onto an enemy and blow up, if they survived they would've permanently lost the limb that it hooked onto, it could hook onto the head in that version of the idea. Many versions of the mine seemed useless, but we found something satisfactory everyone can agree on. We also had trouble trying to find a good way to balance it without making the gun overly overpowerd (as it might look from the current stats). It's suppose to be the highest ranking shotgun and be the best shotgun in the game, which is why we felt the way we made the stats the way they are at launch.

Like always in our threads, feedback and criticism are welcomed in the comments to help improve the quality of our suggestions. See you next time in the next thread!


  • National_Rascal - Creator of idea, model and texture, stats
  • bloxxerMan666 - Animations
  • LITTLEROBBY11 - Improvements
  • GoSinister, PeridotIsWithYou, & Legovoa - Created / Improved Stats


Just a little thank you for your ongoing support and patience recently. Everyone in SAI appreciates it! We hope you like the new and improved Model 1887!

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