"Nothing like sippin Piña Col- Oh wait, Roblox is supposed to be child-friendly. I meant to say nothing like sipping Blueberry Splush on the beach while your friends try to murder a giant crab behind you."


A splush that gives you unlimited stamina for 20 seconds once you drink it. Similar to the Prune Juice and Pine Juice as they both give unlimited stamina.

Background Story

Survivors carry dozens of pounds of weaponry, armour, ammo, and utility upon their backs. Thus, it's no surprise that during the warmer months, they often find themselves overencumbered and suffering from horrible cases of sunburn and heat stroke. Luckily for them, those that managed to establish year-round farms were not only able to provide the survivors with much needed food, but also provide cool refreshments during the summer months (with a pinch of special, rejuvenating ingredients thrown in, most likely stimulants or drugs).



  • You can also obtain this by wearing the Penguin Swimring.
    • But there is also a chance where you'll get the Raspberry Splush instead of this.
  • This is obtainable from Papa Squid's chests despite not being buyable in the store
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