Blox Harbor

"The sweet seaside air here fills me with joy, it's great to be back in one of my favorite locations!"


A remake of an old Reason 2 Die map from 2009. This map contains a sewer which is used to get from island to island. By the Swedish flag flown on one of the buildings, this map could be set in the Baltic Sea or the Gulf of Bothnia.

Background Story

It's been so long since anyone has seen this place, almost 10 years to be exact. Those who first stumbled upon Blox Harbor after these years were surprised to see that it was essentially in perfect condition - almost as if someone was there in the meantime.

The mystery was solved quite quickly.

There were once people there, but they weren't friendly faces, nor were they human anymore.


Players spawn outside the main complex on the island with the helipad. On that complex are many buildings and towers. There is also a jetty which contains a sewer next to it. Players can use this sewer to reach the other island which is more sandy but has less buildings.

Developer Notes

Inspired by StreetBuilders Developer Notes.

My intentions for this map were to keep it as true to the original as I possibly could. You can find by looking at the old map, several props are in the same places and or positions as the original.

The 2009 Reason 2 Die "Hope" poster was pitched to me by SWAGER21, as he said the same images were re-used too much. Which, they were, I didn't have many images or ideas to add for pictures around the map. If I could change the map right now to add more original decals, I would, but that's obviously not possible anymore.

The reason I made this map is because it was my second favorite (or maybe even #1 fav) map from the old 2009 R2D.

I wanted to add the third island that the boat used to crash into from the rescue, but it just didn't seem right for R2DA making a map impossible to win after being rescued, turning it into USRV. Since the latest update this was actually added, though.

I actually double checked the sewers before sending to PlaceRebuilder, just to make sure you couldn't collide with any water, I must have been wrong. Roblox water terrain is very annoying to use, I personally hate it just like how PR hates unions.

Well anyways, I hope you all enjoy the map as much as I enjoyed making it!



  • Throw a molotov behind you in the sewers while being chased by a horde, so you can get rid of them easily.
  • Consider bringing the Karambit as it can make for an easy escape by climbing up the buildings.
  • Hordes frequently cluster, use the M249 or the HK416 to easily sweep through this problem.
  • Be careful for Stalkers and Diggers, as they can knock you into the water, killing you.
    • Try to stay in the middle of islands, away from water.
  • Avoid falling into the water when exiting out the sewers.
  • The Rocket Sleigh and Jetpack can be used for mobility around the map.
    • With the Rocket Sleigh, be careful when approaching the edges of the islands.
    • There is a kill barrier preventing you from reaching the far island without completing the Campaign first.
  • Diggers cannot dig on this map.
  • Avoid staying near the edge as Diggers can easily knock you off.


  • Remake of the R2D 2010 map of the same name.
  • Survival used to have a 16 player limit, fourth map that had survivor limit restrictions.
  • Nariox also contributed to this map.
    • The rumour in which he created this map is false.
  • The base is owned by the "SANI Corporation", from the R2DA Lore.
  • There used to be a bug with the sewers that will very rarely result in your sudden death, due to the faulty physics of Roblox's water terrain.
    • Use a Mount to avoid this, as you can only die if your humanoid's body touches the floor.
    • This has been fixed in v1.1.4, so no need to worry.
  • On Campaign, the island is made by [[User:BelowNatural|BelowNatural]
    • The original ending of the Campaign is identical to the original map. Until v1.3.0, both end with crashing into an island, making it impossibly to truly win.
    • This island does not appear outside Campaign.


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