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GoSinister GoSinister 13 September 2020

MP5 - Extended Backstory

Written by ignys & GoSinister

Leftover remnants of pre-apocalypse arms and supplies aren't a rare find, but to find a large supply of them in one area is an extremely different tale, and a massively profitable venture. As such, weapons manufacturers and smaller mercenary businesses work together to scavenge for these hidden goldmines.

At Sinister Arms Incorporated, the CEO had caught wind of a rumour of a crashed cargo ship that was transporting a shipping crate of milspec supplies, completely untouched. Skeptical, he organized a small team of mercenaries to investigate.

They never returned.

Something was clearly going on here, he thought, so he prepared to send another team. This time, the CEO himself would attend this scavenging job. Both to inve…

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Minininho02 Minininho02 13 September 2020


We recruited a new animator, fusionFSJAL, to animate the MP5 poses for us. The run animation was changed last second to be something you'd see in PUBG if you sprinted with a SMG. We hope that the animations will satisfy you.

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Keruru Keruru 12 September 2020

Mr Charm's Chest

Mr Charm's Chest is an event chest that is also considered as "The Lucky Chest".

Ah yes, another perfect day on the Friendly village, what will go wrong?An explosion?Nah, that happened like a long time ago.

Nope, the master is planning to put all of his stuffs in a chest but he don't have one.He ask his villagers to bring him a chest from the nearest jungle.It was not a really long trip o get the chest but an unexciting search.They found the chest and gave it a master and the master put all of his stuffs in the chest and went somewhere.When he left, most of the villagers are curios why and where he is going.There's lots of gossips when the master is not around which is quite dangerous. One day the master came back but with a furious face.Th…

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GTSFT GTSFT 11 September 2020

Potential profile pics(ignore plz)

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Keruru Keruru 11 September 2020

first blog woohoo uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Background
  • 3 Tips
  • 4 Trivia

American Skelly is a boss which is quite easy.

jeoiejoiejfejfeiwjfeofiejfiojeiofewfjeiofew feiojfeiofewfnfjfdcndskjndovie eo injeifejncicnewc ewfmejcoienceiocnecnvo  efioewjf ess [pqw dn vfvnf[wo. That's how he turned into a major.

His attacks are easy to doge.

  • Like the Firework launchers and hand stomp but not the mobs.

Be ware of the mobs since they can beat you up to death.

You can use any explosive items/weapons to kill the mobs.

  • Like RPG,M202,and Chinalake(but not the Xmas Launcher).
  • Grenade and Steil can do too.

It's easy. the end.

The top hat can be seen here .

The boss is similiar to this boss .

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SuperDrag23 SuperDrag23 9 September 2020

The game.

The game is a game about thinking about the game, the goal is to stop thinking about the game, may sound easy at first but let me tell you, you can be playing for months, it's recommended to play with someone, because it's harder.

Because you now know about the game, you are currently playing it, and you are losing! Because the objective of the game is to stop thinking about the game, there's no other way to win the game, there's only one way, and it is to stop thinking about the game, so now that I have impregnated the game into your memory you shall now go and try to forget about the game.

I have been playing the game since last month and every day I remember it, I keep losing I'm extending my match of the game by typing this right now.

If …

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Pietrym Pietrym 5 September 2020


Events take place during Holidays and generally supply the player with unique items during that certain time period, as well as introducing unique maps/bosses into the game. After these events have passed, it will be impossible to ever get their items, so it is recommended that they are used wisely or stored for eternity.

Celebrations are not events, as the update associated with them last forever, but are listed here.

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Pietrym Pietrym 4 September 2020


  • This is the fifth consecutive Halloween event in R2DA and the sixth Halloween event in the R2D series.
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Feinapfel Feinapfel 31 August 2020

NVG (remake)

{{Items |title1 = Night Vision Goggles |image1 =

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Matilovebees Matilovebees 25 August 2020

Mount Idea: Bat

i have abandoned this, sorry

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GoSinister GoSinister 23 August 2020

Slot Machine Monster vs. Chinalake Users

This is the original document that ignys and I created to bring Jacksplot to life in v1.4.6, posting this here so it can forever be documented in public instead of privately on a google doc that'll never see the light of day again. (Yes this is what I named the google doc lol)

  • NOTE: SopwiththeCamel helped with Dice Roll possibilities

  • Attacks can be seen ahead of time, before each attack the boss spins the slots on itself to reveal which attack he will do next (all 7's, cherrys, ect.)
  • Don't make this another generic boss, reward players for having skill
  • Theme: Luck & Odds in their favor
  • Certain voicelines play before certain attacks

Ability 1: Laser Hands

Boss raises his hands to reveal the palms, a charge up effect will indicate he's about to fir…

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Ze Roela Ze Roela 20 August 2020

Peacemaker Rework

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Background Story
  • 3 Tips
  • 4 Trivia
  • 5 Attachments
    • 5.1 Slot 1
    • 5.2 Slot 2

The Peacemakers are secondary revolvers. Another revolver, another day. This one has a longer and thinner barrel than the other two variants, the Colt Python and CK Swat.

Unlike the Peacemakers' chronological sucessors, these are dual-wielded.

Although revolvers used in the apocalypse were generally used by newcomers due to their high stopping power and range, the likes of the Colt Python and the CK Swat weren't able to compete with the higher quality guns released by competiting corporations (even in the apocalypse, capitalism prevails).

In spite of the decreasing popularity of revolvers, and the pistol category overall in favour of the more "explosive" variety, some survivors r…

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Ze Roela Ze Roela 20 August 2020

Luger P08 Rework

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Background Story
  • 3 Tips
  • 4 Trivia
  • 5 Attachments
    • 5.1 Slot 1
    • 5.2 Slot 2:

The Luger P08 is an infamous light, accurate and long ranged World War I handgun. This was one of the first semi-automatic pistols in history.

You may have noticed a pattern with many, many of the Weapon Manufacturer's latest releases.

They're mostly outdated. Weapons of old. Surely not the most efficient choices against zombies - there are far more modern and adaptable weapons to choose from. Yes, the Luger P08 does have its upsides. Like many other weapons of war, it was built to be accurate, reliable, easy to manufacture and clean. It's not all bad. In fact, it's a pocket sniper!

But, simply put... Most modern blueprints were destroyed in the wake of the apocalypse, and all t…

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Ze Roela Ze Roela 20 August 2020

Shotty 12 Rework/ Serbu Super Shorty Suggestion


  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Background Story
  • 3 Tips
    • 3.1 Attachments

The Shotty 12(now transformed into Serbu Super Shorty,S.S.S. for short) is a basic short-ranged shotgun that packs a huge punch. As such, it is to be feared at close range but due to its not so good range and accuracy, it's to be made fun of at medium range.

Shotguns are simple weapons. This one is no exception.

The power of shotguns to decimate the undead is something all survivors appreciate. No other gun has the aptitude for such close-range destruction and all shotguns are reliable for veterans and beginners alike.

The S.S.S. adds much-needed versatility to the survivor's arsenal of these shell-firing behemoths, making it slightly different from its brethren in that it has …

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Ze Roela Ze Roela 20 August 2020

Skorpion Rework


  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Background Story
  • 3 Tips
  • 4 Trivia
  • 5 Attachments

The Skorpion (specifically the Škorpion vz. 61) is a Czechoslovakian machine pistol that does a hefty amount of damage but chews through ammo extremely quickly. It's very inaccurate and has a huge amount of spread. Using the semi-auto mode at close range is probably your best bet. Although you can fully unload and usually get one or two zombie kills, conserving your ammo is key with this weapon.

The Skorpion machine pistols are often regarded to be one of the worst weapons to ever use in a zombie apocalypse - unless you're talking about the M93R, that is.

When L-Brain Sidework began manufacturing these, executive meddling managed to get the process of building these guns to…

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Ze Roela Ze Roela 19 August 2020

Rebalancing the entire game.

  • 1 Introduction 
    • 1.1 Weapon rebalances
    • 1.2 Ranged Weapons
    • 1.3 Melee Weapons
    • 1.4 Event Weapons
    • 1.5 Mount Changes
    • 1.6 Deadvelopment Center changes
    • 1.7 Zombie changes

Basically i've decided to make one last thread before the forums are gone, so i will make my last and maybe biggest suggestion.

Those changes are most likely to never be seen by anyone who has the capacity of actually putting them in game, and they are made with the Deadvelopment Center in mind, in a way that most weapons are effective agaisnt fully upgraded zombies.

Including zombie and survivor rebalances:

I suggest a re-rework for snipers: Lets say you have a Barret, with no attachments, this barret that has no scope would function as a normal weapon, with no spread when in third person, except …

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Kithenfrige Kithenfrige 17 August 2020


̶̨̧̨̡̢̨̡̧̨̢̧̨̢̧̟̗͖͚͇͇̰̬̜̟̘͕̫͇̹͚̺̩͚̮͉̫̬̼̜͈͚͔͖̥̙̣͕̼͓͍̤̙̣̩̲̻̣̯͔̙̹͓͓͔̰̞̻̩̙͙̗̟̦͕͓̹̫̥̘̲̦̦͕̞͚͔̝͚͖̹̳̼̳̪̲͖̭̥̗̰̗̳͈̮̘͔̝̼̝̳̣̱͍͙̬͖̠̥͎͕͙̘̬̬̳̯̰͓͕̈́̎͐̈́́̉͐͂̔̌̈͑̒̀̑́͐̿̑̓́̋̍̃͋́͂̀̎̍̌̑̍̓̽̀́̈̈́͒̓̎͂̇̉́͗̋̀͒̈́̒̓͒̇̃̔͌̎́͋̊̏͐̆̂͂͋̚̚͘̕͘̕̕͜͝͠͝͝͝͝ͅ ̷̧̢̨̡̢̡̨̡̧̧̧̢̢̨̧̡̡̛̛̛̛̛̛̛͍̤̬͙͕̳͙͉̪̗͉͍͍͉͉̟̟̟͉͇̱̭̮̤̤̬̜̤̭̙͚͚̩̱̫̯̩̫̙͙̯̺̯̙̲̬͕̻̫̟̭̪͎̤̥̗̣̤͎̗̮̦͕̗̘̺̬̦̼͓̖̯̘̤̩͓̰̫̦͓͖͎̥̱͓̭͙̯͍̙̻̘̫̭̟̮̯͕͕̤̳͙̪͇͓̤̺͚͉̲͓͎̠͙̹̠͎̜̝̮̯̰̺̤͔̲̙̮͇͉̟͖͚͍͙̳̳̱̦͖̩̤̦̫̘̺̼̤͍̦̬͚͔̳̥͖̐̋̎͌͛̒̄̎̽̿̔̂͆̓̆̎̑͛̃͛͗̏͌̏͐͗͐̿̔̓́͒̾̈̿͗̆̊̔́͌̅̋̓̊̅̆̊͂͑̑́̀̀̈́̿̏͊̀͛̽̅̐͒̆̿̀̏̿̄̉̆̌̎͆̏̀̆̆̐͂̀̽́̀̿̽̊̓̇͊̈͑̍̈́̒̈́̑͆͐̀͛̀́̿͂̃̿̈̈́̀́͊͂̐͒̌͗͗̉̒͊̓̇̀͋̾͛͗̒̽̓̔̍̐̿͛̀̔̄̀̋̄́̏̋͂͛̋̈̃̄͊̐̅̑̈́̌̑͗́͗͆̒̎̐̅͆͂̉́̿̊͊̎̌̽̇̌́̓́̀̍̀̉̊̈́̏̑͗̀̊̃̐̈́̈́͌̑̈́͒͆́̄́͆̓̏̀̋͆͊̀̅́̓̓̔̒̓̃͘͘͘̕͘͘̕̕̚̕͘͜͜͜͜͜͝͠͝͝͠͠͝͝͝͝͝͠ͅͅͅͅͅͅ ̷̡̡̨̨̢̧̛̛̛̛̙̝̟̣͔̜͉͓̭̟͕͉̰̬̠̙̩̲̭̰͍̟̥̖̳̗͍̪͚̰͚̗͖̱̹͎̩͓͚͚̫͍͎̼̤̥̦̪̺͇̳̜̳͓̯͖̪͔̄̒͑́̃̐͋͂̈͆͌̊͐̆̉̏…

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Matilovebees Matilovebees 15 August 2020

Secondary Suggestion: Toy Blaster

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Background Story
  • 3 Skins(NEW!)
  • 4 Pros
  • 5 Cons
  • 6 Trivia

The Toy Blaster is a smash launcher. It does not look heavy at all! Not like M202. This allows you to bring a bigger gun as a primary weapon.

One day the owner of Anti Leapers Factory said "huh why do we dont make a gun that shoots smashes and trips to defend against leapers" and then he made it with pure materials of his Toy Hammer,Toy Plane and Mini Uzis.


Blue Toy

Red Toy


  • Explosive
  • Trip
  • Average Reload

  • Low Damagee
  • Firing Arc
  • No Attachments
  • Low Total Damage


  • The model made on blender was inspired by the Firework Launcher on Arsenal .
  • The model texture is inspired on Red Toy and Blue Toy skins from the Mini Uzis.
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Noncommunistuser Noncommunistuser 12 August 2020

Dual M249s

This is for future generations to see. I think this was the first post to hit 100 kudos


(178 KUDOS OMG!!!!) giving swager21 dual wielded m249's SWAGER21 hmod power only


youtuber power only

with both combined

u get

the super hmod youtube power only dual wielded m249's

background = only for hmods with a youtube channel, so below and lazi and enjoy as well as long as they have a youtube channel.

rank = HMOD

type = special tactical weapons

cost = free

damage = 95 x 2

range = 180

accuracy = 60

rate of fire = 500 RPM x2

hard impact = 3

ammo = 110/1

reload time = 12 seconds

cons - slow as minigun user

cant ads

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Noncommunistuser Noncommunistuser 12 August 2020

Arhival Purposes

Just if I want to look back on this later.


A shotgun that can deal insane damage per second and with lots of ammo. However, it lacks in reload speed and leaves you very vulnerable if you're too trigger happy. It also lacks in accuracy and range. Designed to be a weapon that's fun and balanced.

  • Make sure you clean up all the zombies before reloading as you're left very vulnerable during it's long reload.
    • A reliable secondary like the peacemakers will help with this because if you run out of ammo you won't be nearly as helpless.
  • Try to top off your ammo whenever possible with this weapon.
  • The explosive ammo isn't meant to be very practical, it's mostly just for fun.
  • Use this weapon against hordes and high …

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Kithenfrige Kithenfrige 12 August 2020

profile page in case I lose it from fandom migration

You are granted permission to edit my user page...

Just don't vandalize/break anything, ok?

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AztecGodOfFitness AztecGodOfFitness 10 August 2020

The Ancients

The Ancients was an insanely powerful society that produced all-powerful machinery running on borderline magic. The people who created these automatons were wiped from history. Only now are their creations resurging from the past.

Tens of thousands of years before the SANI Virus outbreak, there was a society called The Ancients. Only consisting of beings with unmatched intelligence who wanted nothing but the progression of technology, they tapped into unknown forces, such as the force to heal people by interacting with various items and particles that make weapons which freeze enemies on contact. Because of their willingness to progress technology, they created technology unheard of, even by today's standards. Sentient machinery. But then, …

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AlexTheTemTv AlexTheTemTv 9 August 2020

Suggestion Box

|Scythe V2|Haunted Pumpkin V2|

  • 1 R2DA The Haunted Pumpkin V2 (Template For The 23.07.2019):
  • 2 Summary
  • 3 Background Story
  • 4 Rewards
  • 5 Tips 
  • 6 Trivia
  • 7 R2DA The Scythe V2 (Template For The 06.10.2019):

This Boss is a Suggestion for the Halloween 2020 Update,It's a broken and possed version of the Pumpkinator boss from the Halloween 2018 Event and the Halloween Event 2019.

After the Halloween Event 2019 the Pumpkinator was shut for good,nobody thought that the immortal spirit of Lord Pumpkin Jr. could control Pumpkinator,he thought it would be a great idea to kill the survivors with the Pumpkinator again,begin busy fixing the Pumpkinator,Lord Pumpkin Jr. didn't notice that the old Pumpkinator's Stronghold was broken,molten and filled up with a black dark obs…

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AlexTheTemTv AlexTheTemTv 9 August 2020

R2DA All-Time Weapon Skins

|R2DA All-Time Weapon Skins|

Total Count: {47}

  • Shark Head (For The Fireaxe) {Premium}
  • MIDI (For The M16A1) {Premium}
  • Construction (For The Boo Buster​​​​​) {Premium} 
  • Beehive (For The Minigun
  • Aquatic (For The Minigun) |Summer|
  • Blue Toy (For The AK-47
  • Tropical Sunshine (For The AK-47
  • Toxcloud (For The AK-47
  • Deus Ex (For The Flamethrower
  • Beehive (For The Flamethrower
  • Sight Marker (For The Flamethrower
  • Merry Christmas (For The Spear|Christmas| 
  • Candycane (For The Steyr M|Christmas|
  • Vengeance (For The Steyr M
  • Candycane (For The Tinpot) |Christmas| 
  • Merry Christmas (For The Tinpot|Christmas|
  • Tactical (For The Fireaxe
  • Deus Ex (For The Bat
  • Merry Christmas (For The Rambo|Christmas|
  • Tropical Sunshine (For The Rambo
  • Supernova (For The Katana
  • Vengeance (For The R…

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Manyou69 Manyou69 9 August 2020

Summer Event Notes

This was very lazily made so don't mind if some of the stuff has weird wording haha

WIPEOUT (quest for captain crab)
THE WATER IS FATAL (unless youre on a jetski or on froggie floatie)
first is open crates and kill mini crabs
then onto jet ski course
jet ski goes in the direction your camera is facing, so you move your camera to turn
be sure to only get off of jetski on slopes or you may dismount into the deadly water
then a bunch of wipeout obstacle course stuff

the boss battle is in the same round as the wipeout quest

U get 3 bonus lives
Which means u can die 3 times
The 4th death is perma death
And the lives carry over for when boss battle starts
And when boss starts (when someone reaches the end of wipe out) 
everyone alive gets teleported to boss a…

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FIo0fIes00 FIo0fIes00 8 August 2020



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GoSinister GoSinister 30 July 2020

Primary Rework Suggestion - M249

Yep it's happening. you thought we were gonna just stop at the spas and ak47? HAHAHA nah we decided to butcher the M249 as well. Gave it a new coat of paint along with some accessories to make it squeaky clean. If the new update hasn't come out by the time this thread goes live, well I guess enjoy this while we wait for the update.

The M249, formally referred to as the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW), is a light machine gun added to R2DA in its 100th update — otherwise known as v1.0.0.

It has quite a bit of ammo, great range, decent accuracy and can be compared to the Minigun due to the fact that they both tear zombies to bits. The most important difference between the two, however, is that the M249 is refillable.

However, this does come wi…

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Kithenfrige Kithenfrige 29 July 2020

Extremely well made Roblox advertisement 10/10

haha tomboy

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Minininho02 Minininho02 26 July 2020

M1 Garand

And of course the famous ping sound will play when all ammo is used in the clip.

Like always here are some reference videos for the animations and such.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HEAA0C6a4Q [General]
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LdfMHDVHek [Reload]


For this suggestion, we had bloxxerMan666 create the animations for this gun. He scaled the M1 Garand to other R2DA weapons and it turned out it was a lot longer than what I used in the poses. We recruited another new animator that gave us the idea for the Soldier Animation Pack, Scrufus. Take a look at his animations in the 2nd video below, he did a fantastic job along with bloxxerMan666 in bringing back the M1 Garand!

M1 Garand is the second weapon we decided to try and bring back to R2DA. W…

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SuperDrag23 SuperDrag23 24 July 2020

Roblox Lua

If you didn't know already, I want to become a dev, Because I've been playing roblox for roughly 10 years now, ever since 2010 I have been playing roblox every single day.

On those years, I've seen multiple original games rising and dying. Because of this I know the key for a successful roblox game. Overtime I have gathered multiple good and original game ideas, which I believe will be successful,

While I'm thinking of this ideas I get a sudden urge of try to make them, Something tells to me "Do it, You can get a f#ck ton of cash from that shit", But when I try to do it I fail, Because of 1 Fundamental thing.

Roblox Lua.

I Began to learn Scripting 6 months ago, When I just started to learn, Everything looked so complex and hard to learn, so I …

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WikipediaUserbox WikipediaUserbox 22 July 2020


{{MeleeWeapon |title1 = Shuriken |image1 =

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CatherineTheMidnight CatherineTheMidnight 21 July 2020

R2DA Art

Like Me Art Ok :) is here Guns art

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AlexTheTemTv AlexTheTemTv 18 July 2020

Colored Text

  • Purple 2 |Purple 2|
  • Blue |Blue|
  • White |White|
  • Grey |Grey|
  • Blueish |Blueish|
  • Red |Red|

Sonic Boom (1993) recreated letter by letter

Words left: [886]

If you're strong

You can fly

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AlexTheTemTv AlexTheTemTv 18 July 2020

Undead Strike Proifle

|Game Last Played In: v0.1.8|

|Last Editing Date: 11.08.2020|

|Theres My|

|Undead Strike Stats|


Join Date: 17.06.2020

Rank 8

Primary: R870

Secondary: Mini Uzi

Armor: Solider Helmet

Used Mount: Croc

Cash: 5k

Z-Coins: 1,5k

Grinding For The P90

Favourite Mode: Quest And Boss

|Undead Strike Participated Events & Celebrations|

Total Count: {3}

  • 'Pizza Event 2020' (Participated in 2020) |Pizza|
  • Summer Event 2020 (Participated in 2020) |Summer|
  • Halloween Event 2020 (Participated in 2020) |Halloween|

|Undead Beaten Bosses|

Total Count: {3}

  • King Pizza (Beaten in 2020) |Pizza|
  • Atlantic Guardian (Beaten in 2020) |Summer|
  • Halloween Boss (Beaten in 2020) |Halloween|

|Undead Strike Mounts|

Total Count: {3}

  • Pizza Jr. (Gotten in 2020) |Pizza|
  • Croc (Gotten in 2020) |Summer|…

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Matilovebees Matilovebees 17 July 2020

Suggestion: Butterfly

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GoSinister GoSinister 16 July 2020

mac and cheese


The MAC-10 is an American machine pistol with a fast rate of fire, good magazine and solid performance. However, as with all weapons of it's type, does low damage per bullet, has relatively low accuracy and range, and wipes through your magazines quickly. In retrospective, however, a great machine pistol for any old apocalypse survivor.

It was another recon mission for Jack “Roy” Brown and…

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TheSopwithCamel TheSopwithCamel 16 July 2020


Altoona Shootout - MAC-10 Backstory

Written by TheSopwithCamel, Revised by GoSinister

Somewhere over Altoona, Pennsylvania

Jack “Roy” Brown looked down at the ground below him. He could see thousands of trees and scattered houses whizzing by underneath him. The winding roads were littered with abandoned vehicles and makeshift tents. It looked like a market more than it did a highway. Every house that stood out to him, he wondered who used to live there and where they are now. Every now and then among the litter of cars he’d make out the small outline of a human. He stopped and corrected himself; that outline used to be a human. Now it was a monster, one that hungered for flesh.

He couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman. They were flying too…

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Matilovebees Matilovebees 14 July 2020

Dual Fireaxes

this looks epic, not reelesed

you buyed other axe

  • axe at melee smash
  • dont die

  • ah baby its double
  • its axe but 2
  • help
  • maybe prestige 2 make
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Matilovebees Matilovebees 14 July 2020

Beach Ball(Item)

wot(this was a prank from J3XC)

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Perfectguest1 Perfectguest1 13 July 2020

Uh another capitalist idea

I dunno a pog fish skin weapon or something

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GoSinister GoSinister 13 July 2020

Extended S.A.I. Spas-12 Backstory

I guess it’s starting to become a recurring theme now, always meeting these strangers of the apocalypse at places I’ve never been before. The Wild West, those men that saved me from the bandits holding me for ransom. The Collector, an odd but collective old man selling me his memorabilia. Those… other men, that phrase has been burnt into my mind since the second he uttered it to me during the MP5 expedition.

“We are the Hydra.”

Everyday it becomes more apparent that I spend more time reminiscing these events, meeting these unique people, and somehow getting out of these situations that I should’ve died in than getting actual work done for Sinister Arms. All my allies, my friends, family even, how they live oblivious to the terror and horror…

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GoSinister GoSinister 13 July 2020

Primary Rework Suggestion - Spas-12

FINALLY this came out. Honestly a long road to get this project out, and we are happy with the results. In case you missed it, we recently came out with a AK-47 Overhaul, it seemed pretty basic but we still have more projects coming out. We decided to give the Spas-12 the love it needs, a full on rework! Complete with a new upgraded model, animations, attachments, and stats!

The SPAS-12 (Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun 12 gauge), known in Italy as the Franchi SPAS-12, is by far the most accurate shotgun available to survivors, that being its best advantage. It has a tight spread and is deadly at a close-to-medium range, but both are helpful traits altogether. It is capable of switching between Semi-Auto and Pump-Action mode at a moment's notic…

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CatherineTheMidnight CatherineTheMidnight 12 July 2020

R2DA New Art

ZOMBIES and Mobs Suggestion

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Pietrym Pietrym 8 July 2020



i can't come up with one right now

  • Use this mount.
  • Don't die.

  • a
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Pietrym Pietrym 8 July 2020


it go bounce

"mom can i go to toys-r-us"

  • Use it.

  • This item was teased in the official Discord server on July 2.
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FusionFSJAL FusionFSJAL 8 July 2020

M249 Page Test


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GoSinister GoSinister 6 July 2020

Primary Overhaul Suggestion - AK-47

Ok so I'm going to be 100% honest I thought this would take longer to make but it took only a few days LOL, we also have 0 idea if PR would actually like this and bloxxer was already like 80% done with this entirely so we decided to just release this anyways and get it over with since a lot of work was already put into this.

AK-47 stands for Russian Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947 (Автомат Калашникова 1947 or Automatic Kalashnikov 1947).

Can be considered a faster M1A1 Thompson. Can also be considered a reincarnation of the Kalashnikova.

Having virtually the same DPS, this weapon is great at tearing through hordes — and a good sized amount of ammo. Like other weapons in the series, you will shred through your ammo. Aim for headshots, hit your shots…

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CatherineTheMidnight CatherineTheMidnight 4 July 2020

R2DA Zombies Art

Hello guys Who are you Doing


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Tsukuyomi-141 Tsukuyomi-141 4 July 2020

sandbox 2

Animations here

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Tsukuyomi-141 Tsukuyomi-141 4 July 2020


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