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Blackfield Station

"The nostalgia bus will hit you harder than when the Famas came out."


A classic map from 2014 returning to Reason 2 Die: Awakening with a more polished and slightly changed style.

Background Story

Before the SANI outbreak, this was ... well, a bus station. Its high budget led to it becoming a modern, beautiful, sleek transit centre. The virus ruined all of that, leaving the station a remnant of its once pristine self. Broken-down cars litter the streets, and its once bustling, bridge-like hallway lies split in half.

Early survivors recall this place, with cold, stiff, hulking masses of grey flesh tearing apart their comrades one by one. Never in a million years, would they imagine they would return to Blackfield Station.


Players spawn on an elevated highway. This isn't the highest point on the map. To the left of the spawn is a ladder a grassy fields, a few trees and a cottage. Inside the cottage contains tunnels to other parts of the map.

Tunnels are hidden throughout the map. Continuing on from the elevated highway, the entrance to the bus station can be found. There is also a bridge spanning the waterways but nothing else.

The bus station is situated on the lowest point of the map, with the entrances and walkways elevated above the roads. The roads connect the map from north to south. There is also another bridge spanning the waterways to a little peninsula of land.


  • Windows are scattered everywhere, which means there is high potential for a Charged Brute.
  • The map is large, so stay with your teammates or you will be an easy target for an Edgar or Leaper.
  • There are many hidden passages, including tunnels and sewer exits; memorise these exits for a quick getaway.
    • However, the spaces are quite tight, so you may be cornered.
  • Long range automatics, such as the SCAR-H and Famas, and horde clearing devices, such as the Flamethrower and HK416 are recommended due to the open spaces and frequent horde build up.
  • Diggers cannot dig on this map.


  • Blackfield Station is a R2D 2014 map, remade.
  • Currently, the tree models are the same as the 2014 version.
  • Standing near the sewers in first-person can randomly kill you.
    • This is a bug.
  • This used the Bus as a rescue vehicle in Rescue before it was used for Campaign, the only map to do so.
  • There are several references to R2D 2014 in this map.
  • Near one of the survivors spawn points there is a Toyota AE86.
    • This car is most likely referencing the one off the anime series "Initial D".