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"Increases accuracy but doesn't increase the chance of lying down."


Equipping this will attach a Bipod to the under-barrel of the Dragunov.

Despite what it's used for in real life, you cannot lie down while this is equipped. You still get an accuracy boost though.

Background Story

The PSO-1 was fine on its own, but people were having trouble trying to keep things stable. It took many months to come up with a solution with such a simple problem.

One day, an intern suggested a Bipod of sorts as a solution. Everyone quietly nodded in agreement, and it went as an unspoken rule to never speak about this whole ordeal again.


  • This does not supply any other benefit other than accuracy.
  • Paired with the PSO-1 Scope, this can make the Dragunov a force to be reckoned with.



  • v0.7.8
    • Accuracy increased from +0 to +25.

  • This is referred to as the "Basic Bipod" in-game.
  • The original bipod was intended for the original model of the Dragunov.
    • It was re-meshed after PlaceRebuilder was unsatisfied with the Dragunov model.
    • The original mesh of the Bipod can be found here which was made by Kutejnikov.