"A box of fun things, I don't even know what..."
―Foster the People


The Big Gift is a large, lightweight, blue/red Christmas gifts used to place on pressure plates in High Bye Die, Snowy Snowy Hills and Icy Wonderland.

In Snowy Snowy Hills, two are dropped by Mr. Macaroni upon his death. In High Bye Die, two spawn at the end of the Punk Fish bridge. At Icy Wonderland, two spawn at start of the ice bridges.

Background Story

Nobody knew what these gifts contained. They probably would never know what they contained as they needed to use these gifts for greater rewards. Such a waste of paper and ribbon.

What they did know is that they contained something very light or very little. Some would then question, "Why bother with such a large gift?". Nobody had any answers but nobody really cared. They just wanted better loot.


  • Exploiting certain areas to make the Big Gift unreachable by other players may lead to a warn or ban as it counts as glitching.
  • While riding the Raft, players may troll by using Eggs or Pumpkin Pies. Being hit by one can make you fall into the water or lose the gift.
  • Using energy boosting items, such as the Blueberry Splush, to help you get across the obstacles in High Bye Die while holding the Big Gift.
    • You can also use the Boo Blast to dodge certain obstacles.
  • If the gift is dropped in water in High Bye Die, the gift will respawn back at the bridge.
  • In Snowy Snowy Hills, two Big Gifts are dropped by Mr. Macaroni.
    • Try not to kill him when he is next to water as he may drop the gifts in water, leaving them unobtainable.
  • To drop the gift, onto the alter or otherwise, you must equip a weapon, item or mount.


  • In High Bye Die, if a player is tripped high in the air while holding the gift and lands in the water, there is a small chance the gift will fall through the map making the quest unbeatable.
  • The Big Gift uses the same texture as the Gift of Wealth and Red Gift.

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