This item is no longer obtainable.
There's no way to get this item in-game, but as long as you have it you should be fine.
There might be other ways to obtain this item, but it might not be ever available again.

"Ding dong Jerry, I made you a gift! NO JERRY DON'T DROP IT!"


The Bell was a festive weapon that you could buy during the Christmas 2016 Event. It's basically a weaponized Pipebomb.

The selling point of the entire weapon is its ability to attract zombies if you hit any surface within the game. It forces zombies from whatever they were doing in a radius and force them to go in your direction. If it wasn't for the low damage, this would be a reliable weapon to kill with.

Background Story

Bells is one of the more iconic symbols of festivity. During the winter season, it's impossible to avoid them. They're everywhere! That dressed up guy is ringing it, trying to get you to donate! People are constantly singing songs about bells — it's just so annoying!

But during dark times, morale is important. So, during that special time of year, R-Brain Hardwork decided to create something special. This was what they came up with while still sticking with their tradition of always creating new weapons: a steel Bell to bash heads in. Most importantly, however, was the fact that it was tweaked to ring on the same frequency as a Pipebomb, making it possible to attract zombies to their doom.


  • In order to activate the "Attract Zombies" feature, you can basically hit anything within the game.
    • Attracting zombies disables jumping, making them easy kills.
      • However, it doesn't disable abilities. Watch out for any special infected that you attract.
        • The only exception to this is the Digger, as it cannot Dig away from you.
    • While it does have quite the large radius horizontally, the Bell can't do much for attracting zombies above or below you.
      • The vertical radius is merely ten studs. Ten studs up, and ten studs down.
  • If you and your teammates are in trouble, you can sacrifice yourself using the Bell to buy time for them to escape.
  • Combined with any Booster item, you yourself can become a Pipebomb and clear an entire horde!
  • It's recommended to use this weapon in Rapid Infection as you can force a zombie to their demise.
    • You just have to be careful while using it. Don't let them get too close.


  • Attract
  • Trip
  • Low Energy Usage
  • Rapid Swing Rate


  • Event Exclusive



  • v0.8.7a
    • Only attracts 10 studs vertically.

  • This is the first melee to be able to trip zombies and the second Christmas weapon to be added to R2DA.
    • This is also the second weapon bought using Tickets, with the first one being the Newspaper.
  • Prior to v0.9.2, hitting survivors would not activate the "Attract Zombies" feature.
  • The first and only current melee with the "Attract Zombies" feature.
  • Reuses the animations of the Newspaper.
    • Makes the equip sound of the Newspaper when you equip the Bell.

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