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Beginners is a Universe restricted for players Rank 0 to 10. As the name implies, expect survivors new to the apocalypse, and new to R2DA, to be seen within.

If you are between Ranks 0-6 you can only join this universe. You cannot join VIP Servers, unless you follow a link.



Note that for Deadvelopment Center zombies, they do not have reduced HP, though this will be fixed in a later update.


  • Pumpkinator's Bootcamp
    • Lava rises much more slowly.
    • Cannon Fodder shoots more sparingly.
    • The Graveyard only spawns 2 AI Normals per gravestone.
    • Skullguards have around 2,000 health.
    • The Chain swings less violently.
    • Infinite energy applies during the whole round.
  • Boo's Holdout
    • Amount of graves at The Three Keys are decreased.
    • Amount of AI Normals that spawn per grave is 2 as opposed to 4.


  • Pumpkinator
    • 2018
      • Halloween Chest won't spawn.
      • Defeating the boss will only yield 250 EXP.
      • Regular Chest rewards are decreased.
        • Maximum cash reward is 300$
        • Maximum item reward per bundle is 15x.
      • Pumpkinator has 50,000 health.
      • You cannot gain the "Won Halloween Event 2018" badge.
      • The amount of Skellies summoned is reduced.
      • You can only get 250 EXP for a win.
    • 2019
  • Papa Squid
    • Uses easy mode, even if the player count is above 10.


  • It's generally recommended to join Beginners if you are new to the game, as the regular game may seem a tad overwhelming to you at this stage.
  • Prestige players cannot join here if their normal rank is between 0-10.


  • Like Prestige, a removed Universe, this Universe is rank-specific.
  • A Rank 11+ can be on this server, but only if they ranked up within the same game session that made them Rank 11+ in the first place.
    • Trying to join from the Universe menu as Rank 10+ will have you stuck on the Loading Screen.
    • Even as a higher rank than 10, Moderators can still join a Beginners server if they are Modcalled to it.