"Thank lord that there isn't such thing as friendly fire."


The Beekeeper Suit is an armor that mainly allows protection from the Swarmer's attacks such as Honey and Beehive. It also grants a decent amount of health, though no extra ammunition is granted.

Background Story

Among the biggest contenders of the apocalypse was the infamous Swarmer, a recent arrival among the zombie hordes donning on Beekeeper Suits of their own and lobbing hives of aggressive bees at the survivors.

The sudden appearance of these zombies became troubling for survivors to deal with, becoming high-priority targets, even more so than the Elementals. However, some eccentric survivors quickly quickly noticed that these Swarmers donned on Beekeeper Suits, eventually leading to them forming an expedition into former beekeeping grounds after coming to the genius conclusion that they could use Beekeeper Suits to protect them from Swarmer hordes.

Unsurprisingly, these bee farms held a significant number of Swarmers, leading to a number of deaths amongst the survivors partaking in these expeditions, mostly in the "getting-stung-to-death" department. Despite the remarkable amount of injuries and fatalities, these group of explorers achieved their goal: finding Beekeeper Suits.

Eventually, corporations caught onto this trend of survivors donning on highly-valued Beekeeper Suits, leading to the production and capitalisation on anti-Swarmer suits. The lack of ammo pouches has led to some degree of boycott, however.


  • Bees & Honey Proof
  • Cheap
  • Some Health


  • No Extra Ammo
  • High Ranked


  • This makes you completely immune to the Swarmer's beehives.
  • A Swarmer's honey will still deal 15 damage, but you will still be able to run/jump freely.
  • This does not make you immune to a Swarmer's claw attack, though a melee weapon can easily counter this.
    • You can use this armor to freely melee Swarmers without taking much damage from them.
  • This is recommended in closed maps, such as Sewers or Foxriver Prison, where Swarmers can easily damage you.
  • From a distance, you may look like a Swarmer.
    • However, your tag will give away the fact you're a survivor.
  • This is great in Coastline Clash, as Swarmers may hide in the water to prevent getting hurt.
  • Using Jetski can also be great with this, as Swarmers cannot dismount you while you're in the water.
  • This armor does not grant any extra ammo. Therefore, this is unsuitable for long matches, such as those in Hard.


  • This is the third armor to change the player's outfit, after the Gingerbread and Penguin.
    • However, this will not change the package the player is using.

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