"What eye-numbing beauty."


Beehive is one of the six prominent skin series in R2DA that can be found within Skincrates.

It mainly features the colour palette of yellow and black. These colours are usually associated with bees, thus the name Beehive.


  • This skin series shares similar colours with the Construction skin for the M4A1.
  • This skin is often known as "OBC skin" due to its colours.
  • PlaceRebuilder holds an M249 with the "Beehive" skin in the singleplayer menu icon.
Steyr M - Beehive CPB M9Bee BlackYellowDb SB 927e44f9ccb63bc2d5afaaad60079340
Steyr M Colt Python M93R DB Shotgun Skorpion Remington 700
DrB WBee MBee MB Spas - Beehive TBee
Dragunov Wingmaster 870 M16A1 Minigun Spas-12 M1A1 Thompson
AK47 - Beehive CSB NewBarretBH RPGB Bat Bee FB
AK-47 CK Swat Barrett 50 Cal. RPG Baseball Bat Famas
M249 - Beehive Uzi-Beehive MK - B 7b46fe90ca7a815e9bda7c2bb95a1ac5 Tinpot20Beehive F3d80cdbcbc0c48b7b66ff179ce9ab04
M249 Mini Uzis HK416 Shotty 12 Tinpot Flamethrower
Luger P08 - Beehive
SCAR-H Luger P08

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