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"How could those tiny little wings lift my M249? What do you mean it can't fly?"


Batwing is a limited-edition set made for Halloween. These skins cannot be found in normal Skincrates, but instead limited-edition Batwing Skincrates.

The skins themselves mainly features the colours purple and dark blue. Some also have light blue and white. They also have a wing accessory, the first publicly available skin to change the model of a weapon. Such colours are associated with bats, hence the name.


  • Second skin to change the model of a weapon, with the first being the Kurai Shizen.
  • Third event skin and second Halloween skin overall.
  • The wings on the weapons are similar those the Batwing Headphones.
  • The RPG warhead bears a resemblance to the Cavebat from R2D.
    • The trail of the RPG also turns dark blue.
  • Unlike the other weapons, the Toy Bow has six wings instead of two.
  • There are 40 skins in total, meaning it would cost 20,000 Tickets to buy every skin.
  • Prior to v1.4.0, any you could get "Batwing2" skins in Skincrates before getting removed.
    • Anyone who had these skins were refunded with a Skincrate.
Steyr M - Batwing.png
M249 - Batwing.png
Rambo - Batwing1.png
Bat - Batwing.png
RPG - Batwing.png
Steyr M M249 Rambo Knife Baseball Bat RPG HK416
Shotty - Batwing.png
AK-47 - Batwing.png
Barret batwing icon.png
Chainsaw batwing icon.png
Ck swat batwing icon.png
Shotty 12 Toy Bow AK-47 Barrett 50 Cal. Chainsaw CK Swat
Fireaxe batwing icon.png
Flamethrower batwing icon.png
Colt python batwing icon.png
Db shotgun batwing icon.png
Famas batwing icon.png
Fatal5 batwing icon.png
Axe Flamethrower Colt Python DB Shotgun Famas FATAL5
Karambit batwing icon.png
Katana batwing icon.png
Leadpipe batwing icon.png
Luger batwing icon.png
M16a1 batwing icon.png
M93r batwing icon.png
Karambit Katana Leadpipe Luger P08 M16A1 M93R
M202 batwing icon (1).png
Minigun batwing icon.png
Mini uzi batwing icon.png
P90 batwing icon.png
Peacemakers batwing.png
Shovel batwing icon.png
M202 Minigun Mini Uzis P90 Peacemaker Shovel
Spas-12 batwing icon.png
Thompson batwing icon.png
Tinpot batwing icon.png
Toysword batwing.png
Toy hammer batwing icon.png
Triblaster batwing.png
Spas-12 M1A1 Thompson Tinpot Toy Sword Toy Hammer Tri-Blaster
Wingmaster batwing.png
R700 batwing icon.png
Winchester batwing.png
Wingmaster 870 Remington 700 Winchester SCAR-H
Ak47 batwing icon.png