Battlestation is a Universe consisting of purely PVP-based Gamemodes. There's nothing really unique about this Universe other than the fact that no zombies are seen in it at all.


  • Snowball Fight used to exist in this Universe but has since been removed.
  • Exclusive gamemodes are turned off in this Universe, allowing players to vote for any exclusive mode as much as they want.
  • Team Deathmatch was part of this Universe until became its own.
  • Occasionally, you encounter people who supposedly lag and can hit you on their side, but on yours, you're getting hit by nothing.
    • This is "Lag-Switching", and you can get banned for it.
    • As always, if this happens, Modcall.
  • In addition to Battlestation servers, Team Deathmatch servers are also stored under the "Battlestation".

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