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"Has anybody noticed how small the mag itself is? Seriously, how has PR logic managed to fit 32 bullets in that?"


This attachment replaces the conventional M16A1 magazine with a drum magazine. This carries an extra 15 bullets per magazine and for 3,500$, that's quite a deal.

Background Story

Does anyone remember the time when R-Brain Hardwork went around saying how the M16A1 will never get a barrel magazine extension?

Well, here we are now. Look how the tables has turned!


  • Use this to increase the M16A1 ammo capacity, allowing you to fire longer!
    • Even with this attachment, time your bursts so that you increase accuracy.
  • This is quite useful with magazine armors such as the Tactical II as your ammo increases even further.


  • In real life, the M16A1 drum magazine has a dual drum.
    • The original model (prior to being scrapped) had a dual drum, accurately representing its real life counterpart.
  • Third attachment to increase ammo capacity after Extended Mags and the Drum Mag.
  • In Debug, this used to cost 5,000$.
  • This is the second Magazine Extension attachment to aesthetically change the appearance of the magazine on a weapon, after the Drum Mag.