"You better get rid of this fast! America wants them."


A simple Barrel with the ability to explode when shot. Useful in the same way as a Propane and Jerry Can combined. Make sure you don't hurt yourself with it.

Background Story

After the large production of oil in Blox Harbor, many Barrels were left over when Blox Harbor was eventually abandoned. Once the survivors landed at Blox Harbor, they found quite a lot of them just laying around.

One survivor accidentally shot a Barrel while trying to headshot a zombie, and ended up blowing up the Barrel. The survivor discovered that the Barrels could actually explode, and spread the knowledge to his comrades. Now everyone uses them.


  • You can use this to kill zombies; just be careful of the large radius.
    • Also note that you need to complete the objective.
  • The Barrels have a large fire and explosion radius, which will kill you if you shoot too close.
  • You get 65$ and 1 Fame for every tree you blow up with the Barrel.
  • You cannot explode the Barrel with the RPG, M202, M2 Tripod, Tri-Blaster, Toy Bow, X-Mas Launcher, Splashy Washy, Boo Buster, Flamethrower or any melee weapon.


  • Has the same mechanic as the Jerry Can and Propane.
  • You cannot explode or pick up the Barrels outside of Campaign.
  • These make a cameo appearance in Sunny Seaside.
    • It's recoloured and doesn't do anything.
  • After v1.3.0, the Barrels closest to the trees you have to blow up during Campaign were removed.
    • They still appear as props if the gamemode isn't Campaign.
  • Before v1.3.4, you got 95$ for every barrel blown up.
There is an item that sounds really similar.
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