"Yay! Now we can Lucille zombies to death!"


Barbed Wire is an attachment for the Baseball Bat. It is wrapped around the Bat to cause extra damage to zombies.

Background Story

Since the release of the Baseball Bat, it has become overwhelmingly popular. Thus, those that used it tailored it to their needs, and after Barbed Wire became a popular addition, L-Brain Sidework began to mass-produce it.


  • The Bat doesn't do very high damage with this attachment, but it does help. Ten more damage per hit can really add up.
  • With the attachment, you can kill a Normal Zombie with no health upgrades in 2 hits instead of taking 3 hits to kill one.


  • The first attachment for a melee and secondary weapon.
  • This attachment might be a reference to "Lucille," the weapon held by Negan from The Walking Dead.
    • Of course, the idea of placing sharp objects on a baseball bat such as barbed wire or nails has been a popular weapon idea in media for a long while.
  • This is the first attachment to increase the damage of a weapon.

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