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"Since this is another exclusive weapon. This quote will be exclusive to me."


This gun is the most damaging weapon in the game, able to instantly tear through any mob with a single bullet.

Background Story

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  • You don't need to worry about reloading your weapon since it has 999 ammo in one mag.
  • This weapon can be useful for large maps such as Victoria Harbor and 1930's Kingstreet.
  • This weapon is NOT recommended for permanent bosses such as, Chronos XI, King Cherrycake and Jacksplot 7 due to the anti-cheat system that makes the round end before the chests appear.
  • Notice that this weapon doesn't use your secondary slot. So a automatic weapon such as Mini Uzis are recommended.


  • "Infinite" Damage
  • "Infinite" Ammo
  • High Range
  • Very High Accuracy


  • No attachments
  • Highly Exclusive


  • The Bangun uses the same model as Steyr M and Newbie, but the barrel is wider at the top.
  • The Bangun's first appearance was in a video made by Jopede.
  • The Bangun is the first gun to have over 999 bullets in ammunition.
  • The Bangun resembles the Steyr M with the Guardian Skincrate on it, because of its white and yellow color palette.
  • The Bangun was created to be a debugging tool to instantly kill bosses.