This item is no longer obtainable.
There's no way to get this item in-game, but as long as you have it you should be fine.
There might be other ways to obtain this item, but it might not be ever available again.

"Enough talk, lets get to the chug"


An awesome grape blood soda mixed with a lot of cardiac-attack oil! The Badland Cola is a soda item that increase your weight and makes you "unfall-ible" from mobs to transport.

Background Story

Out in the western United States, an old frontier remerged from the wreckage of civilization, the Wild West. Western folks share many tales of their travels, some of a notorious duo and others of an elite mafia that controlled the world before the infection started, though one stands out from them all. The tale, cited by many western historians, goes as follows:

A mysterious tall and bulky man walks into a saloon. Some say he is a Gunslinger, a bandit, perhaps a sheriff, some say he is a forgotten Lonestar. His footsteps are heavy enough to shake the saloon to its core. He tells the barkeep to pour a secret cola into his trusty glass. This glass was no ordinary bottle, instead, it was a giant glass boot. He proclaims to the entire saloon no one can beat him in a chugging contest, and sure enough, he is correct. Challenger after challenger, no one is able to chug as much and as fast as him. Many end up collapsing to the ground with great force, some pass out. Such a man with great power, and yet, no one knows who he is.

After he defeats all his challengers, he wanders off into the desert, looking for a new town with a saloon, seeking a worthy opponent. Many, including the youth, have called him a western hero, idolizing and wanting to become him. Some westerners have even made clubs revolving around the art of chugging, training for the day the stranger comes to their town. Lots of travelers call him nothing more but a legend, a fictional character created for children.

Others however, call him the Badland Chugger.


  • Drink this to prevent being tripped by mobs such as Diggers, Brutes, Leapers (with C4 upgrades) and Elementals
    • This also works best with Quest maps that have stun mechanics.
    • This can also stop trolls from tripping (Eggs, Pies and Water Balloons) you.
  • Use this to fall faster to be able to reach the ground faster when using Jetpack (Modern) to take Chests.
    • Use this with Rocket Sleigh to not get tripped.
    • Be careful with it because sometimes you fall too fast and land on the chest that is not boss chest


  • Originally Badland Cola used to have a different design but was rejected by PlaceRebuilder then remade to the current design.
    • The original design was a boot, thus the Badland part of the name.
      • This boot was a reference to popular drinking YouTuber BadlandsChugs, who often uses glass boot-shaped jugs similar in appearance to the item's original design, which further influences the Badland part of the name.
  • After a player drinks it, the character throws the empty bottle and shatters. Walking on it deals damage to players and zombies.
  • The status effect is inspired by a status effect in the LISA franchise called +Solid, the effect in-game also goes by the same name.
    • It makes enemies immune to abilities that can make them fall over.
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