"Asiimov skin cost 50$, but asimo skin had a price of 100$... this means our asimo is more expensive then their's."


Asimo is a common, yet quite old, skin series in R2DA that can be found within Premium Skincrates.

It mainly features the colour palette of white, orange and black, using a sci-fi linear pattern.


  • Prior to v0.8.2, this could be bought for the Dragunov for 500$ before being obtained in Skincrates.
  • The Asimo skin collection is a carbon-copy of the Asiimov skin series from CS:GO.
    • Many of the skins seen in-game have been slightly edited from how they appear in CS:GO.
    • The Dragunov uses a much lighter shade of black than the other skins in the series.
  • The third skin with multiple official designers.
Dragunov - Asimo
AK-47 - Asimo
Tommy - Asimo
P90 - Asimo
Winchester - Asimo
FATAL5 Asimo
Dragunov AK-47 M1A1 Thompson P90 Winchester FATAL5
R700 Asimo
SPAS-12 Asimo
Steyr M Asimo
M249 - Asimo
HK416 - Asimo
SCAR-H Asimo
Remington 700 Spas-12 Steyr M M249 HK416 SCAR-H
Wingmaster - Asimo
Chinalake - Asimo
Wingmaster 870 Chinalake Barrett 50 Cal.

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