Armors are important gear that can greatly boost survival time. Some armors have extra stats, helping survivors in other aspects. Some armors may bear a similar name, such as Tactical I and Tactical II, with Tactical II being an upgrade over Tactical I. Though pricey, they can lead you closer to victory if utilised correctly.

ButtonLifevest ButtonTactical1 ButtonTactical2 ButtonBulldozer1 ButtonBulldozer2 ButtonBandolier
ButtonFirevest ButtonFaradayVest ButtonFlakvest ButtonScoutvest BeekeeperSuit (2)
ButtonCrabvest ButtonBoopack ButtonGingerbread PenguinArmor2button ButtonYetiHelmet ButtonXMasCape
CakepackButton ButtonPenguinSwimring ButtonFrozenXMasCape ButtonFarmersJacket ButtonMagnet ButtonFroggo
ButtonPumpkinVest ButtonChristmasBeanie ButtonChristmasCoat

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