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Arena can be considered the revamped Elimination Gamemode from R2D 2014. Each wave, players are required to kill a certain amount of zombies in a limited time. Each player will get a random item from a pool and some cash after completing a wave. They will also get fully healed. The survivors win if they complete the 4 waves, which are as follows:

  • Wave 1: Kill 50 zombies. After completing this wave, alive survivors get 50$ and a random item for surviving.
  • Wave 2: Kill 75 zombies. After completing this wave, alive survivors get 100$ and a random item for surviving.
  • Wave 3: Kill 100 zombies. After completing this wave, alive survivors get 150$ and a random item for surviving.
  • Wave 4: Kill 150 zombies. After completing this wave, alive survivors get 300$, and a random item for surviving and win.

Each round gets harder as more and more zombies need to be killed as more and more survivors die throughout the waves.

If any survivor dies, they will be turned into a zombie until the round, not wave, is over. If survivors fail to kill the last remaining zombies in the allotted time, they will lose. Unlike Elimination from R2D 2014, there isn't an unlimited amount of time to kill the zombies.


  • After a wave ends, a survivor can get one of these following items:
  • If a survivor dies before a wave starts, they become unrevivable.
    • This also applies to the last phase, whereas when a survivor dies, they automatically go to Spectate and are unrevivable.
  • Buying "Tag Objective" from the In-Game Store is incredibly useful for finding the last zombies throughout a map.
    • However, the duration of which the zombie locations are shown is very short.
    • This is the only way to detect invisible Stalkers, unless you throw a Pipebomb.
      • This is essential for larger maps such as Void, where they have a lot of open space and distance to hide.
    • Spin your camera around and keep your eyes peeled.
  • You must also kill AI Infecteds for the round to progress, but they won't count towards the amount of zombies killed.
  • When the survivors reach the kill limit for a wave, all Diggers are forced out of their Dig move and cannot go underground until time runs out or the next wave starts.
  • Be careful of a Skull Champion creating unwinnable waves where survivors cannot kill the last zombies alive, as it is impossible to kill Diggers while they are underground. It is extremely hard to kill a Skull Champion spawning as there is no way to progress without killing it or before the round ends.
    • Skull Champions will spawn in Wave 4 after a total of 300 zombies are killed, which is the usual spawn rate for Skull champions


  • Prior to v1.0.0b, there was a glitch which randomly occurred in which a zombie would switch to Spectating and stay Spectating after a survivor killed them.
    • This rendered survivors unable to reach the kill limit needed to move on.
  • Panama Beach originally was compatible with Arena but was removed in v0.7.7 as zombies were abusing the water in the map to hide from survivors.