"Definitely made it to the pole first"
―Robert Peary


Arctic Snow was a DEMO skin series that was released alongside six other skins as part of the first skins to be added to R2DA. It appeared on most guns in DEMO, excluding the DB Shotgun, MP5 and Bazooka. It was removed in v0.7.4 to make way for better, more detailed skins.

It features a white colour palette with the pebble material. The colour is akin to snow, hence the name Arctic Snow.


  • This is misspelled as "Artic Snow" in-game.
Glock 26 - Arctic Snow
M4A1 - Arctic Snow
Kala - Arctic Snow
R700 - Arctic Snow
Railgun - Arctic Snow
M93R Arctic
Glock 26 M4A1 Kalashnikova Remington 700 Railgun M93R

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