"Why is Elemental left out, you asked? He already had a costume in the first place. The Sun."


Aquatic zombies are a summer-themed event costume for the Zombies. The only zombie left out is the Elemental.

Background Story

The infected, yet again, are here to celebrate! The SANI virus survivors started seeing infected wearing clothing for the summer, and were excited. The summer was hot, and the infected didn't want to give the survivors a hard time in this event. They all had a good time, and partied until the end of summer. The ticker wants to go scuba-diving with you, but be wary of his radiation! The leaper wants to steal all your gold! The digger wants to build sandcastles with you . The stalker wants to make sure you don't drown! The brute wants to feed you hearty meat! (Sorry, vegans.) And the swarmer wants to have a fishing contest with you! Sadly, the elemental couldn't find a proper outfit, and couldn't get in the water, but his infected and survivor friends made sure he had a good time! Happy (late) Summer!


  • The Brute is a Beast with glasses and hat.
    • The club appears to be a large chunk of meat on a bone.
  • The Stalker is a lifeguard.
  • The Edgar is a "swag" guy.
  • The Ticker is a scuba diver.
  • The Swarmer is a fisherman
    • This was changed from a swimmer.
    • Its health is glitched to 100 HP.
  • The Leaper is a Pirate.
  • The Digger is a sand castle builder.


  • Stalker whistles by clicking LMB.
  • Brute loses its hat after becoming charged.
  • This is the second costume pack not to include a zombie, that being the Elemental.
  • Leaper was supposed to get a pirate body, but was cancelled due to PlaceRebuilder didn't get time to update the skin.


Ticker Edgar Brute Stalker
Swarmer Leaper Digger

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