"I finally fixed the antenna! Now time to call my Uber."


The Antenna is used to allow you to use the Telephone in order to call the Bus transporting you to victory. It spawns in a random zombie spawnpoint and you must take it to the shelter when the Telephone is in.

Background Story

The trusty Antenna! It helps give out radio signals and helps people communicate from afar. When the survivors needed a way out, they tried calling for help using the Telephone. At first, all hope was lost when they couldn't get a signal. But one of the Survivors noticed the Antenna was missing, and they all quickly searched for it. Once they found it, they were finally able to call for help.


  • Use Tag Objective (within the In-Game Store) to locate the Antenna faster.
  • Since you can not use your weapon while carrying this, you should throw a Pipebomb to buy yourself some time.
  • Using an item that grants infinite stamina, such as the Candy Cane, would help you bring this to the Telephone building faster.
  • Finding and placing the Antenna where it should be will net you 1 Fame and 100$.


  • There is a rare bug that you can duplicate the Antenna as seen in this Picture.

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