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These stations are scattered about throughout every map in R2DA. Each individual survivor can refill either their Primary or Secondary through each of these stations four times.


Locations are set and will never be different regardless of Gamemode, except for certain Bosses and Quests.

Regular Maps

1930's Kingstreet 7 Panama Beach 6
Mogadishu Transit 5 Foxriver Prison 4
Terminal Decay 5 Bouri Rig 71 5
Casius Outpost 7 Victoria Harbor 8
Café County 7 The Complex 10
No Mercy Hospital 8 Last Harvest 7
Farmhouse 5 Zero Kelvin Station 12
Shoot'em Up Town 7 Tokyo, Japan 6
Blackfield Station 10 Stud Harvest II 10
Blox Harbor 7 Portland 14
Campfire Chaos II 6 New Bloxcoast II 8
Subway 6 Dead Plaza II 6
Sewers 6 Outskirts 20
Coastline Clash 6 Newhaven Port 13
U.S.S. Zurius 21 Coconut Split Stadium 4
Buried Alive 7 Dead Vacation 12
Snowy Roads 6

Greenlight Maps

Caved In 2 M.S Antares 5
Sunny Seaside 5 Toy Factory 4
Suburbs 17 District III 7
Outpost 21 8 A Winter Wonderland 7
S.S. Boliviar 6

Boss Arenas

Yeti's Cave 2 King Crab 5
Pumpkinator's Revenge/Lord Pumpkin Jr. 5 Rhi-snow Territory 4
Chronos Dimension Varies Return of the Yeti 7
King Cherrycake Varies King Crab II 8
Pumpkinator's Stronghold 7 Forgotten Cave 5
Duckland 4 Papa Squid's Treasure 5
Gate Keeper II 3 Jacksplot's Domain 3
Lavafall Peak 3 P3NG-W1N's Toyland Varies

Event Maps

Halloween Bootcamp 0 Cake Kingdom 1
Chronos Quest 6 Pumpkin's Quest 5
Yeti's Quest 3 King Cherrycake's Quest Varies
R2DA Wipeout 0 Pumpkinator's Bootcamp 4
Trick O' Threat Town 6 Snowy Snowy Hills 1
Duck's Quest 0 R2DA Wipeout II 0
Boo's Holdout 3 High Bye Die 6
R2DA Wipeout III 7 Casino Halls 2
Molten Complex 3 Icy Wonderland 7

Secret Maps

Void 4 Tutorial Island 2.0 2

Removed Maps

XelPixels HQ 4 Porta Coeli II 1
Trenches 6 Tutorial Island 2
Peach N' Spills Resort 10 Diesel Abandoned Town 10


  • Press "R" to refill your gun at one of these.
  • If there's no Ammo Station nearby, you could always buy some Extra Ammo through the In-Game Store but you can only buy it once.
  • The Minigun cannot be reloaded at Ammo Stations.
  • The RPG takes up one refill for every rocket you replenish onto it.
    • The Tri-Blaster takes up one refill for every three rockets you replenish onto it.
  • It's recommended to use up all of the ammo available on your gun(s) before going ahead and refilling it.
    • Unless you know you won't survive for much longer, you should try to conserve.
      • This tip is negated in maps where Ammo Stations can be destroyed such as Chronos Dimension.
  • Keeping "Tutorial" on in the Settings will show you all the places you can refill whenever you run out of ammo.
    • As of v1.0.1, you can enable "Show Reload". It's the same, but without the popups that the Tutorial entails.
  • You can actually reload ammo through walls.


  • There are currently seven versions of the Ammo Station:
    1. Crate: The first was a peach crate where you could refill from it an infinite times.
      • It makes a cameo appearance on top of Kingstreet's bridge, but you cannot refill from it.
    2. Former: The second one was similar to the current version, but peach. The refill limit was introduced, but players could refill five times from it.
      • This makes a cameo appearance in Mogadishu Transit. It doesn't have ammo on top nor can you refill from it.
      • The infinite refill property was retained in Yeti's Cave.
    3. Modern: The third one is the current one and unlike the others, there is no text saying "Ammo Up" when refilled. The refill limit went from five to four, as seen in-game.
    4. Extra Ammo: The fourth one is the Extra Ammo box you can buy through the In-Game Store. Once dropped, anyone can use it. These are temporary, only last one round, and also contain only two refills.
      • The Slotpack ha s chance to drop an Extra Ammo box that can be used by everyone. However, you can only refill from it once.
    5. Porta: The fifth variant was exclusive to Porta Coeli II. This ammo box could refill itself after 40 seconds when it was emptied.
    6. Chronos: The sixth one is exclusive to Chronos Dimension. Unlike modern ammo boxes, this can be reloaded from two times. They are also shaped differently, resembling a brick of sorts. These can be randomly spawn and can randomly be destroyed.
      • Sometimes these glitch, and instead of the two refills they're supposed to have, they have four.
    7. Cake: The seventh one is exclusive to King Cherrycake's Quest and King Cherrycake. These ammo stations are peach and square-based to fit the blocks they reside on. They have similar properties to the ammo stations of Chronos Dimension.
    8. Resort: The eighth one is exclusive to Peach N' Spills Resort and can only be found by the pier. It acts in the same to the regular Modern Ammo Station'.
    9. Toyland: The ninth one is exclusive to P3NG-W1N's Toyland. Unlike modern ammo boxes, this can be reloaded from two times. They are also shaped differently, resembling a brick of sorts. These can be randomly spawn and can randomly be destroyed.
  • The Extra Ammo model itself can be seen on Ammo Stations.
  • Halloween Bootcamp, R2DA Wipeout II, Duck's Quest and R2DA Wipeout are the only maps without an Ammo Station, including removed and event maps.
  • Sometimes on Bosses or Quests, Ammo Stations can glitch and be left floating in the air after the platform below them has been destroyed.
  • U.S.S. Zurius has the most Ammo Stations with 21.