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"You wanna hear that ping dont'cha? With this fancy new attachment, you can store an extra ping on the stock of your Garand! Get it now for only $5,000!"


The Ammo Pouch attachment is self-explanatory; it simply gives you another clip to use with the M1 Garand, allowing you to fire an additional 8 bullets before needing to use an Ammo Station.

Background Story

The release of the M1 Garand was an instant hit for the Sinister Arms team. Had the CEO not met up with this mysterious collector, its likely the M1 Garand would've never seen the apocalypse again.

Despite its apparent success upon release, the complaints started rolling in. Many survivors were complaining of a lack of ammunition. Such a response prompted the CEO to set up scavenger hunts to the local museums for anything that seemed useful. They didn't have to search for long, for the perfect item awaited them behind pristine glass at a nearly looted Las Vegas museum; ammunition pouches that were perfect size for the 30.06 calibre Garand Clips.

The original magazine pouches were recovered, extensively studied, reproduced and shipped out as soon as they could. They fit nice and snug on the stock of the M1 Garand, making it easy for a survivor to store extra clips.

The collector's original Garand and the recovered Ammo Pouches now stand proud somewhere in the CEO's office, awaiting its next call to battle.


  • Though somewhat expensive, it is highly recommended to buy this attachment if you want to extensively use the M1 Garand.
    • If you cannot afford this attachment, then you can always use armors that grant any additonal ammunition, like the Tactical II.
  • Even though you have extra ammunition, you should still try to conserve bullets.


  • The pouch is modelled with two slots for extra clips, despite only giving out one.