"For when you want to carry as many bullets as you can, just shove them inside a duffel bag and ready up for the maps that everyone will eventually spawn camp on."


The Ammo Bag is a great way to get some emergency ammo when in a bad situation. It's also great when you're using weapons that don't use a lot of ammo as you can drain a good amount of ammo from those weapons.

Background Story

A man once told me to stay active during the apocalypse. It went something along the lines of cardio or a lot of running. I took that advice to heart and its helped out along the way. I used to be a very active man at the Gym, and that got me thinking about something. I used to see a lot of people carry bags for towels, drinks and all sorts of things, yet no one carries them anymore in favor of armor vests.

Can't let those old bags go to waste now can we? I just stuck a couple hundred bullets in them and strapped in for the time when I run into someone with an empty mag. I only hope he'll appreciate the gesture.


  • Use wisely as you only have 2 ammo refills.
  • The Ammo Bag takes up the back slot, meaning you cannot have a Medkit, Defibrillators or Jetpack (Modern) while equipped.
  • Don't use Ammo Bag on Chronos Dimension or King Cherrycake (Map) as there is "infinite" ammo on both maps.
  • Use Ammo Bag to help other teammates as this can be placed for teammates to use, similar to Extra Ammo.
  • Once you place Ammo Bag once you can no longer pick it back up, similar to Extra Ammo.
  • If you don't want to use extra item space you're better off using Extra Ammo as Ammo Bag and Extra Ammo have the same traits.


  • The first item that grants you ammo.
  • This is another creation by Sinister Arms Inc.
  • When not held, the Ammo Bag sits on your back.
    • This is the third item that can be seen in your inventory and on your avatar. First being the Medkit.
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