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"Instead of using this for bombing terrorist hideouts, you can now use it for bombing zombie hordes!"
―Edison Lakasi


The Airstrike will first give you a bird's eye view of the map while your cursor now becomes a big red target. Clicking once confirms the location. Then, your cursor becomes a blue arrow which spins around the targeted area which then dictates in which directions the Plane will fly at. Clicking again confirms the direction.

After a short delay, the Plane will fly in and carpet bomb where you have planted the target and in the direction of the arrow.

Background Story

With the apocalypse overshadowing the world, remnants of the world's military banded together to fight against the new threat, ignoring all past hostilities in order to achieve unity.

This new combined force began offering services to the survivors around the world. Though slightly hampered by language barriers, the Airstrike proved to be one of the most popular form of assistance the survivors has bought, other than training with defibrillators and other medical items.

It's rumoured that the members of the former United States Marine Corps are interested in supplying the survivors with Napalm strikes instead of the regular Airstrikes.


  • Don't take too long trying to use it, or you may easily take some damage.
    • Be sure to get away in time or you will take some serious damage.
  • Try not to use this on the smaller maps on the spectrum.
    • No matter how far you get, you can still die from it.
  • While not recommended, it can be used to completely destroy a Brute, and leave a Charged Brute heavily damaged.
    • Any Brute can still use their forcefield to completely negate the damage, so keep that in mind.
    • An Airstrike can kill or leave a Charged Brute and Skull Champion in critical condition, so keep that in mind before using it.
  • This item is banned in Free For All and Party Deathmatch, so make sure you don't bring it along to avoid wasting cash.
    • Through a Boopack and some luck, however, you can bring one in through there.
  • You can use the Airstrike to scan the map and get a better understanding of your surroundings.
  • Use an Airstrike in Team Deathmatch, near the opposing teams spawnpoint as forcefields last only for two seconds.
  • This item isn't effective against Lord Pumpkin Jr. during the Halloween Events due to Explosive Immunity being applied to him.
  • Make sure there isn't a Stalker around before you use it, because a Stalker can catch you and kill you with your own Airstrike.
  • Airstrike is a good thing to use for emergencies.
    • If you have low health and there are horde of zombies, you can find a safe place and kill them with the Airstrike.
  • An Airstrike is effective before entering the Helicopter in Rescue as zombies are likely to be near or around the Helicopter.



  • v0.2.2
    • Radius decreased.
    • Sounds added.
  • v1.4.0
    • Rank increased from 10 to 12.

  • The Plane drops a total of 8 bombs meaning that the Airstrike does up to 24,000 damage.
  • There was a bug where you can move around normally while crouching and using the Airstrike which was fixed in v1.0.1.
  • In the map Terminal Decay, you can find a few grey, faded out versions, on the crane, at the helipad, and around the map.
    • You cannot use these, however.
  • If you are using the Airstrike during the Winscreen, the voice will fade out and your player will shake the radio in frustration before putting it away.
  • The mesh can be found in the ROBLOX catalog under the Airstrike.
  • This used to be the highest ranking item before the inception of the Jetpack.
  • One of the three regular items not to be found in Regular Chests, the other two being the Flash and Jetpack.
  • In v1.4.2, there is a glitch where you can kill fellow survivors with the Airstrike.
    • This is BANNABLE for a week, because it counts towards glitching and teamkilling.