This item/feature has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.


Achievements were like Badges, except they did not award you weapons or any items. They only award Cash/Coins, EXP and Fame, the three main ways of reward in-game. Some were re-doable while others are not.

The feature was new in R2DA, and was not in past Reason 2 Die games. This added a side objective to do in-game, though they didn't serve an important purpose.

When you received an achievement, it would appear in your mail, the main use of the mail system.




[Message]:Join your first game of Reason 2 Die Awakening and get a free gift.

Reward: 120 Cash

Redo-able: No

Friendly Recruiter


[Broken Before Removal]: Get a friend to follow you in R2DA for the first time and get some free gifts.

Rewards: 100 Cash, 100 Experience, and 2 Fame

Redo-able: Yes

Broken Reason: Universes; cannot follow a friend into R2DA for the first time without going through the choice universe.

New Highscore


[Scrapped]: Beat your old record on any Survival or Hard map to get a free gift!

Reward: 100 Cash

Redo-able: Yes

Reason Removed: It is actually unknown why this was removed, but it is estimated that it was removed because you could easily reset every 1% to earn 100$ Cash, which would earn 10,000$ Cash per map and/or Gamemode.

Welcome to Reason 2 Die Awakening


[DEMO Only]: Claim your beginners REWARD by right clicking the letter icon and choosing delete.

Reward: 500 Coins

Redo-able: No

R2DA Opening Event


[DEMO Only]: This month we are happy to release R2DA out of demo. We celebrate this by giving out generous [sic]

Reward: Unknown

Redo-able: No


  • The Friendly Recruiter achievement could formally be easily exploited through the use of alternative accounts, and a couple of computers.
  • This feature was removed in v0.9.6.
  • This was technically in Debug for a lengthy period of time after removal, as in some servers, the mail system hasn't been removed yet.
  • This was pretty much the only feature that used the mail system.
    • During DEMO, the mail system was occasionally used for update logs such as the one here.

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