A Winter Wonderland

"It may be the middle of an apocalypse, but that doesn't stop the spread of Christmas spirit!"
―Kriss "Kringles" Curry


A Winter Wonderland is a map that was released for R2DA's Christmas 2016 Event. Though it was made specifically for this event, it seems as though it's here to stay.

Background Story

A little town covered in an endless state of winter that is rumoured to be Santa's birthplace. Due to its rather isolated location, this place has been kept in the dark about the world news - and virtually all outside contact.

While wandering throughout the vast wilderness, the survivors found something quite peculiar - a modern tunnel built into the wall of a cave.

After exiting the tunnel, they found a bright, jolly city, filled with snow and where hundreds were living in relative peace. However, their happy surprise was soon cut short as growls and screams erupted from inside the tunnel. Looks like they forgot they were fleeing from something.

Now with the survivors, the village must unite and work together to maintain its peace that it had kept for so many years.


The map consists of an icy, snowy region with numerous snowy trees.

On the west end lies the outskirts of towns. Near where survivors spawn is a group of mountains, which you are able to climb with the visible red trusses.

When you cross the bridge onto the east end, a small town can be seen with a huge Christmas tree in the centre.

It's quite large, so everything is more spread out than what you would initially think.


  • It is recommended to place Disruptors from the In-Game Store if you plan on camping on the mountains.
    • A Hammer would also be a nice tool, as you can prevent mobs from climbing up the red truss with some well-placed planks.
      • Doing this constantly is BANNABLE, however.
  • Long range weapons like the Dragunov are recommended due to the large amount of open space on this map. 
  • Be careful not to fall or jump into the water as you'll die instantly.
    • However, the frozen lake is completely fair game and you won't die from just being on it.
      • Try using the Truck or Van to traverse the icy area fast. However, because it's ice, the vehicle may spin out.
  • As of v0.9.2 this map, Foxriver Prison, and Zero Kelvin Station are the only maps to have terrain that is considered snow all year round.
    • So, therefore, these are only maps where the Snowball can be useful in throughout the whole year.
  • Diggers cannot dig on this map.


  • In previous versions of the game you could climb the mountain and fall into a restricted area, but at the cost of fall damage. This restricted area has been removed since.
  • During the Christmas 2016 Event, there was much debate on whether or not this map was permanent.
  • This is the only non-event map that plays custom music.
    • This music seems to no longer play.
  • The Summer version was inspired by a joke created by Minininho02.
  • The Aquatic Event variation is a complete overhaul of the original map, getting a new name (Summer Wonderland) and a Summer-esque theme.


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